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    My brother bought a Keurig single serve coffee maker probably a year and a half ago or longer. Since then Ive tried so many K-cups. Here are my top favorite ones:

    Green Mountain English Toffee (Light Roast/Flavored) – This one is available only in selected retailers (including online.. I order from walmart mainly). I talked with green mountain online and they explained to me that you can not order English Toffee through their website because its for selected retailers. I contacted them after I could not find this k-cup at area Walmart and Target stores. This k-cup had always been available there. I now order it from This one is my favorite! Its available year round (not seasonal) if you can find it! Its worth it!

    Green Mountain Island Coconut (Light Roast/Flavored/Seasonal) – This one is my top favorite as far as Seasonal K-cups go! According to Green Mountain facebook page they will have Island Coconut available again near the end of March! I loved it last year! I drink it as iced coffee… Its great for the summer! I cant wait until its back! Stock up when you get the chance!

    Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice (Light Roast/Flavored/Seasonal) – This one is available in the fall or I bought it last fall. I saw it recently at a local Bed Bath and Beyond store but of course it will be expiring in april. I dont like hot coffee/hot drinks as much as cold ones, but I like to keep a box of this for colder day.

    Green Mountain Gingerbread (Light Roast/Flavored/Seasonal) – I got a couple of boxes of this for the christmas season. I still have 1 left. I like this one on colder days. You can still find some of these online. My boxes don’t expire until July. Try this one while you still can.

    Green Mountain Golden French Toast (Light Roast/Flavored/Seasonal) – I saw people raving about this one on many k-cup sites… They were upset because they did not bring it back for a long time. Recently Green Mountain made this K-cup available again in very limited quantity and for a very limited time. I noticed that listed it and it was listed on the Green Mountain website. I ordered a box and tried it a week ago or so. It did not taste much like French Toast, but its not a bad flavor. I wouldnt say its my most favorite, but if you want to try it you only have a limited time. It is advertized as a Cinnamon/maple syrup flavor. I didnt notice that part.

    Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry (Light Roast/Flavored) – I ordered this way back from the Green Mountain website. In the past I had enjoyed fruit flavored coffees (Raspberry, cherrry, strawberry, etc) so I thought I would try this one. I think I was a little disappointed but its still a very good one. I noticed it was highly rated online. I have not seen this flavor in stores so I ordered from the website.

    There is also a Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream k-cup that my mom purchased and I tried it. Its pretty good and it seems more available in stores than some of the other varieties.

    I tried some Archer Farms K-cups from Target. They are fine, but not as good as green mountain.

    I also made the mistake and ordered a few flavors from Cameron’s Coffee online. I had enjoyed one of their bagged coffees in the past and loved it. I saw they had designed their K-cups with less pastic/less waste which was nice, but none of their flavors in k-cups were good (that I tried and all the ones that I tried were light roast).

    I have tried some other k-cups and I havent like them as well. I ordered some from a place called Door County… Not as good as Green Mountain.

    There have been some Green Mountain Varieties I have not liked… Like the Newman’s Own ones or the Gloria Jean ones.. Maybe its because they were medium roast…. Who knows

    Bottom line… I like Light Roast Flavored coffees….especially if they are good iced. I want to stick with Green Mountain English Toffee and Island Coconut when I can

    My Brother drinks all the dark roast k-cups if you want to know about any of those.

    Do any of you use K-cups? Do you have any favorites?

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