Is there an Ace chatroom somewhere online?

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    Hi guys,

    I love that this website exists but do any of you also feel like it’s a pain to start a conversation with someone here, because most members aren’t full members, and the site doesn’t have a chat or anything.

    Do any of you know of a Facebook group or would you be interested in being part of a secret facebook group? Then we just create one 🙂

    Let me know. Would love to be able to chat with more people.


    Kamal khattra

    There is an app called ace app and is free to chat



    This one? ACEapp – Asexual Social Network



    Is it also for us old farts? Though I’m in age-denial.

    I may try it. I can converse with and learn from everyone.

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    found the Aceapp, not much happening there either, seemingly.



    I miss the chatting here too. Most members here are not full members and can’t chat/message.
    There are Facebook groups. But some members don’t want to use groups on facebook.



    Yes, found a facebook group yesterday. Afraid to say not much is happening there either lol.



    ACE app was originally set up as an asexual dating app, but since then, it’s also used for social networking, so make it clear what you are looking for. I am on here to get more people to come to my meetups and for a serious relationship and same with that APP too.

    The problem I think lies in the fact that people say they want to talk or a serious relationship, but most people don’t want to put the time, energy, and effort into doing so. Even someone on this thread says in their profile they don’t want to talk, but like listening. Communication is a two way thing, if they expect someone else to do all the talking, that is not an equal friendship or potential relationship and therefore people will get bored or fed up and go elsewhere.


    Pedro Frazao

    Sandra…been here for a bit and this is pretty awful to make friends or to get to know people.
    Was on Aceapp for a while and it was quite shitty, not sure if its ok to use bad words here but shitty is the least bad word I can come up with to define it…lolz!
    You want to make friends, you want a relationship, you want to get married…well…bit hard to accomplish anything if you dont talk.
    Do agree with what you wrote but hopefully more people will read and understand your comment.



    yeah, well people can be lazy when it comes to putting effort into connecting. If an app or website is shitty that isn’t going to help them get more motivated, imo. Ace app is kind of okay if you work it. But it is very very basic. Facebook groups are easy, but people aren’t talking much there either. Starting to think Ace people are also a bit asocial, hmm… 🙂



    Btw, here’s that facebook group if you hadn’t found it yet, I joined:


    Pedro Frazao

    Thanks Suzy, I’ll look into it now.

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