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    Hello, everyone! I had considered membership for quite some time, but I’m happy I upgraded. The site seems really nice, and it’s awesome to see a set space that welcomes Ace folks.

    A Little About Me:

    ENFP. Gryffindor. Team Instinct. House Stark. 🙂 By day I’m a writer who now does PR work as well, though I’m going back to school this fall and I’ll likely go back to just writing. I often cover video games, and I’m excited to finally be writing FOR games instead of just about the gaming industry. I’ve covered a lot of topics for a lot of sites, but now I’m working on a non-fiction book and considering trying a novel by the end of the year.

    I also love arts & crafts, and I’m trying to get back into painting. I enjoy movies and being outdoors. I’m Pagan, so I certainly enjoy outdoor rituals. 😉 I enjoy New Age topics but also just cooking new meals and having mundane talks about the day.

    What I’m Looking For:

    I’m an Extrovert, so I am always excited to make new friends. I identify as Grey Ace after years of not realizing it, and using Bisexual instead. So I’m very excited to have a place where I can learn more about being Asexual.

    In addition to making friends, I’d love to meet a woman that might be interested in being more than friendship. A relationship with intimacy and loyalty, friendship, and even sensuality without the requirements for sexual interaction sounds… lovely, to be honest. I am Poly, so I do have another long-term partner that is Allo. That is separate and I’m not looking for someone to date both of us, just me. I live in Colorado, and I’m in my 30s.

    I hope that this isn’t too blunt of an introduction! Nice to meet you all. 🙂

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    Nice to meet you too keet 🙂
    Your introduction was fine.
    My name is Paris & I’m a grey ace.
    And it’s just way to hard to find an ace male.
    I did join this site to look for friends also but I’m guessing I could possibly find a partner here to.
    The thought never crossed my mind to be honest.

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