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    Well I found this website about four days ago, but I’m still new here, so that’s not a lie. I’ve recently discovered I’m an ace after years of feeling different and realizing that I was lying to myself trying to act like the other guys when in fact I wasn’t like them, so I had to face facts. I know I’m an asexual, but I don’t know what kind. Okay, so I don’t care what I’m labeled as, since I don’t believe in labels ruling my life, but someday when I adopt a kid, and my parents ask why I’ve adopted, I want to tell them what I am instead of thinking of what I am. I want to fall in love with a girl, but have no sexual relationship with her whatsoever. I’d like to basically ask the people who read this what I am haha. My parents wouldn’t give a shit, but being a little of a perfectionist, it would bug me.

    I want to talk to people on this website and make friends, but I have no idea where to start. I don’t want to sound desperate or anything, but if someone wants to message me they can.


    Hi, I’m new here, too. I don’t think you need to figure out what “type” you are; if you have to explain something to someone, just describe the parts you want them to know about….You could even just say, “I just don’t feel connected to any of the women I’ve met, but I decided it’s time to start a family.”….Of course, raising children with a partner would be easier and probably a lot more pleasant.


    hey I totally get it I want to adopt to instead of having sex and doing it naturally but then again I do want to carry a baby its difficult but I am here if u want to talk HELLO haha set an alarm on your cell phone or some sort of device or a post it on the fridge or dresser to check your asexualitic.com profile that’s why this site is not active we all forget after awhile we can really make it an active site if we remember set an alarm or post it notes …. anyways I am asexual names Nena from Southern California here new looking for local friends see where it goes I am pansexual google it im even down jst for friends …. hope to hear from some new friends

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