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    It’s really one of the reasons I’ve come here. Really, I don’t fit into any label or box and I’m sure a lot of you here feel the same way. I offend people with my mere presence anywhere I go. It’s as if my aura disturbs the people I come into contact with even if I am social distancing 😂. Rightists or leftists, religious or agnostics they each find a way to label me in their own way without knowing an ounce of who I am deep down. Of course, who could blame them with their busy lives and with us not being able to be around one another physically anymore, all they have time for now is to assume and presume another’s personality without true knowledge. Surface people can only view other people in a superficial light. Kardashians can only see people like themselves.

    I can’t fit into any group, so maybe that’s a sign. I’ll stop trying to fit in and just give it my all and know that nothing can make me feel more fulfilled than my own soul.

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