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    I thought I would start a wee post to ask how everyone on here is? It has been a stressful time with the current situations and I hope that you are all doing okay. Thought we could all have a wee natter.

    Peridot Flare

    Tough question!

    I don’t know if ‘suspended’ is a good word, but that’s how I feel. I haven’t joined anyone going to bars or restaurants because I’ve been busy retooling my LLC for a relaunch. I’m also applying for jobs. The complete silence I get in response makes me suspect all the job postings I see are just companies trolling for resumes without any intention of hiring. I fully want my LLC to double my income and eventually become my retirement job. It may be a slow process, though. I anticipate 6 months to a year before I see sustainable profit.

    Now is a spectacularly stupid time to be jobless and without health insurance. Those evaporated a month ago. Add to this, I fear I may have a melanoma on the side of my face. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2011 and I passionately don’t want to go through all the cancer bullshit again. I know you can’t goof around with melanoma. I will get myself to a doctor. I just have to figure out how to pay for it.

    I just spent the weekend helping my sister organize her basement. I finished cleaning out her garage last week. Just doing that cleaned up a lot of the energy around her house and in her demeanor. I hope it leads to better luck and better ideas. I pray for clarity for both of us.


    HI Peridot hope you will be okay.
    A good clear out does help it gets the energy flow n the the house much better.

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