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    Lori C

    Anyone have an opinion or experience with using testosterone or estrogen? Do you think it’s ethical?


    It’s something I’ve looked into. I’m not really concerned with the ethics, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it legally and I wouldn’t trust putting anything in my body from backchannel sources.

    Lori C

    Robert ~

    There’s no way to get hormone therapy legally? Really? I thought people just talk to their primary doctor about having a “low sex drive” and voila, they give out shots.

    I have no experience with this topic, but some people on this site seem very frustrated and I’m wondering if it would help them or if it has helped anyone at all.

    When I asked if you think it’s ethical, I meant do you think is it okay to alter the way we were born or should we just accept our condition.


    Well since i’m trans i’ve got lot of experience with estrogen and testosteron-blockers.

    Theres nothing dangerous about it if you follow the legal path.

    Of course it’s ethical, but it’s not something i would suggest anyone taking unless really necessairy. It’s not exactly a fun experience.

    A higher sex drive won’t solve asexuality though, don’t be mistaken. Before my hormones my drive was high enough, i still was ace as fuck (no pun intended). It will probably only make you feel worse…


    When I went to the doctor thinking I had low testosterone (why am I embarrassed to say that on an a asexuality site?) they tested me and my testosterone levels were within the normal range, so they wouldn’t give me additonal testosterone as they said that would stop my body from producing it on its own and cause potential problems.

    When I said “ethics” I meant getting testosterone from backchannel sources online that I’ve seen without a prescription. I have no issues about people using medications or therapies or anything like that to try to change themselves for what they consider the better.

    Perhaps I should have substituted the word “legality” for “ethics.” Sorry for any unintended perceptions of bigotry or misunderstanding.

    Lori C

    Whenever a physician asks me about my sexual history or if I’m sexually active, I respond, “None” or “No,” but they always look at me funny as if I’m lying or something.

    Interestingly, no doctor has ever offered to prescribe me contraception.


    I have been on a lot of medications for various things. Including ones that claim as side effects to change your sex drive. Nothing has happened. I think it is ethical, but in the long term probably futile for most of us. I’m sure that some people here have chemically correctable hormone issues, but I don’t think that it means with more hormones they will get more of a sex drive.

    As an amusing note, on estrogen *I* just become a raging you know what and on testosterone I become a vacant dip. No change in sex drive. Personal experience only, I often have idiosyncratic reactions to things.


    Definitely fantastic if you’re trapped in the wrong body and need some sense put into your life after fighting with dysphoria your entire life…otherwise it may bring you some unwanted side effects like baldness and facial hair…oh yeah and high blood pressure, transmen are more likely to get blood clots etc. Personally I wouldnt recommend that a child go through with hormone therapy until theyre old enough to understand and be able to live with the reality of being trans (the effects being mostly permanent and all, from what Ive observed)…but otherwise, go for it its a free country kinda-sorta. Ive struggled with severe manic depression all my life and to be honest with all the suicide attempts and self destructive behavior, the realization of being trans and going through with this has saved my life and improved it drastically…so in my eyes transitioning is very much ethical. I’m literally about to travel 8,000 miles to CA just so I dont have to go back to therapy to get this done. Im going to an informed consent clinic in Fremont next month to finally get some testosterone…My friend who’s an MTF is coming with me to get her estrogen too, it’ll be like a nice vacation Im so exited! :3

    Also, one time I went to the doctors to refill my anti depressants and my doctor was trying to put me on birth control pills…I laughed so hard and he just looked at me like I was crazy. At the time I wasnt comfortable enough to disclose my sexual activity (non existent) to him so when I told him I was a lesbian he prescribed them to me anyway…I just didnt take them and later threw it out.

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