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    Emily Miller

    Not just new to this site, new to this ‘label’, though man does it fit. I dunno, I’m 24, been on plenty of dates, but never just found ‘the one’, I thought. But, really I was just more interested in playing that new board game with friends to going on the one on one date. The result being that folks would accuse me of not having interest in the relationship. Never made it past a date or two.

    The most recent guy was long distance, and we got along great online, but he wanted to meet up a lot, and was willing to drive hours, and I just didn’t understand that urge weekly. Like, if we went to a fair or something that’d be one thing, but he just wanted to come see me. And differently from a friend just coming to see me. Hard to explain, just a different feeling.

    I do want a relationship though. I want someone to have fun with. Is that possible?

    Also question about the site, are there group forums?

    Ronald Sims

    I experienced similar problems. Thing about find a good person for developing relationships is that you have to date. I wish I can find the one too. But it’s all we can do.


    Yeah, that’s something I’ve struggled in past relationships too. I didn’t really have the energy to hang out with someone like that all the time where they have their undivided attention on me, it’s too draining. I’d much rather we do stuff together, but even then, if it’s *every day* it is also a little much. I like that “living apart together” idea, but of course that just makes a narrower pool out of an already very narrow one (asexuals) lol.

    There are tons of groups and some of them have discussion boards enabled, but most of them aren’t very active.


    Hi Emily

    That guy sounds quite sweet but I am a heteroromantic, hyper-romantic, so guessing that is why – I think it is very romantic. Was he ace? I would like to see an ace guy once or twice a week in person, but keep in touch other days to maintain connection. I do not want to live with a guy and enjoy living on my own and do not need to see a guy every day because my self-employed career is extremely important to me and enjoy working on it every day.

    I find the problem with most ace guys is because sex is not included, there is not any urgency and no need to keep in contact or pursue me – I feel that just because I am ace and do not want sex, I still like the same attention and focus. I am also an extrovert which I guess is fairly rare in the ace world.


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