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    Hello, my name is Justin. I’ve recently been really wondering about myself as I will be 28 next month and I’ve never been with someone. I’ve always felt differently and never really liked talking about sex. I’d rather just hang out with someone all day instead. I always thought that there was just something different or broken about me until I saw a random YouTube video about asexuality and i almost instantly felt like it was describing me. I thought I was strange for rooking at someone and never thinking about sex. For the past couple of days I’ve really been doing some research just to make sure I definitely understand it and found this community. Hope this will help me understand more. Now a little but about me. I LOVE music. Music is everything to me. Dubstep is my guilty pleasure. I love spicy foods. And I eat way to many chips. I’m glad I found this forum and hope to finally understand why I’m like this.

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    Hey Justin, welcome to this site. I run online virtual asexual meetups for socialising if you want to join the next one?

    I was just positing the details in my new group on this site. So here they are below:

    This is strictly for asexuals only and those on the asexual spectrum. On Sat 3rd of Oct, at 3pm, (GMT+1). I am having a virtual (online) asexual group meetup, and I would love for you to attend. It’s via Skype here https://join.skype.com/ktOqYOjaOqsR

    You can leave at any time and only 5 faces can be seen at any one time on the screen. It’s a video meetup, but you can switch to audio only once you’ve joined, if you don’t want your face to be seen. And you can also use the text chat to join in.

    Please let me know if you want to come as places are limited and I can add you to the list. [email protected] if PM is not available to you. Or reply here.

    If you join the conversation in the group, without letting me know you are coming via email or PM, please let me know as soon as you join the Skype group, how you found out about this meetup and where you fall on the asexual spectrum, and then I will add you to the list of attendees, so I can keep track of who will be there. Here is the link again https://join.skype.com/ktOqYOjaOqsR

    When you click on that link https://join.skype.com/ktOqYOjaOqsR you will be asked to login if you already have a Skype account, or to create a new account. As asexuals are joining from all over the globe, not just from the UK, some are joining because they got asked to in this email, others are joining from my Asexual Facebook groups, or through the link I sent them in a private message. So when you join the group, if you haven’t already told me you are coming, please just say in the group, your name, and how you found out about the meetup (via Asexualitic), this keeps the group safe and ensures we don’t get any random people finding the group and deciding to join it.

    Please remember to attend the meetup in a confidential, distraction free environment. Ensure you test your microphone and camera is working beforehand. And mute your microphone if typing on the keyboard or doing other noisy things, (because the whole group can hear you) while attending the meetup. You can still hear the conversation, and un-mute the mic again when you are done typing, and if and when you want to speak. I usually start the meetup and ask around to see who wants to join in the voice chat or not. If you just want to listen, that is fine too

    Please note, this will be the last meetup I will do at this time on a Saturday, because I will likely be starting a new job next week and that will involve working every weekend. So if that is a good time and day for you, take advantage of this opportunity now.

    I also have a blog at http://www.asexualise.com
    A youtube channel for asexuals here http://www.youtube.com/asexualisemyasexuallife

    A FREE Asexuality Basics For Beginners course at http://www.asexualiseacademy.com

    And a book for asexuals here https://amzn.to/3i7h0AC

    I hope they help you in your asexual journey.

    Plus I run 5 asexual groups on Facebook.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Sandra xx

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