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    I’m new to this forum so maybe there’s been tons of these topics. Honestly, I don’t know. However, as I’ve become comfortable with my own asexuality, I’ve increasingly realized…I want to cuddle people. I’m sure many of you relate to that. But gender doesn’t matter, and I feel ambivalent about my own gender. So while I have a vagina, I’d like to cuddle with almost anyone.

    Perhaps hand-in-hand, I don’t feel overly connected to my gender from birth. I’m not transgender, but wave a magic wand and ask, “Would you like to be perceived as male, or as female?” and the instant answer would be, “MALE!”

    So, I’m curious: why are the signup questions so specific? Even if you specify your gender, why isn’t there an bisexual/other option for genders you’re interested in?

    As stated, I’m a bio-female who isn’t overly interested or invested in ‘her’ gender. If you call me “he,” I don’t feel the least bit bad.

    But given not feeling connected to a gender seems to be pretty common among asexual folk (at least that I know of), why aren’t there more options into terms of gender and which/what gender you’re interested in in the signup process?


    That’s a fiarly short debate: the website is poorly run.


    I agree on that on that. There should be more options

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