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    Hello all, I am new here but I like to say hello to everyone.
    I am a Chinese male and looking for a romantic partner, who is interested in Romance and does not think that a relationship is about sex.
    I am romantically capable, but my libido is the problem. HAHA
    Anyways good luck to everyone here!


    Hi Ben

    Lovely to meet you here.

    I love your bio and I think I am likely to most romantic person – girl at least, on planet Earth. I sen got told that by an online asexual guy friend. He said I was the most romantic person he had ever met. I am hype-romantic actually and feel loved up with myself and my life almost all the time, 24/7, 365 days a year. I also value trust, honest and respect. And being bestest friends. I love kissing lots and lots, holding hands a lot, cuddling and PDA. I love intelligent conversations about the world, planet and universe.

    Unfortunately I live in a completely different country to you and I like my life here so much. I just wanted you to know there is someone else like you out there. Feel free to contact me or add me as friend on Facebook anyhow, if you want, so at least you know you are not alone in your feeling. I have high arousal levels, but hate sex as I am asexual and experience zero sexual attraction. I experience lots of other type of attraction though. Romantic, spiritual, aesthetic, emotional, creative, intelligence.

    You seem like lovely person and I wish you lots of love and luck from my heart to yours xx


    Hi Sandra

    I see that you are from the United Kingdom, a very lovely country indeed. I am from the United STate. I don’t want to sound too good, but my romantic inclination can be overwhelming for some females cause everyday romance becomes cloying after a while. I guess I am guilty for being too intense. I can understand why a lot of people take sex very seriously. It is indeed important for a lot of people. I suppose if I have to be with a sex-oriented person, I will just have to perform and give the best I can.

    You sound like a hopeless romantic too, I love this aspect of me. I like watching movies that involves intense romance. But I also know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. HAHA

    Yes, we are so far away, but please don’t let the distance keep us from enjoying each other love for the romantic aspect of being alive.

    Its been a while since I use Facebook, as soon as I set it up again I will add you and thank you so much for your nice message and Facebook invite!!!!!

    Please do chat up with me more. And thank you so much!!!!

    Pedro Frazao

    Im really not getting notifications here…mmm…anyway, welcome and good luck Ben.


    thank you sir!

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