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    I’m noticing that I write people here, most do not respond, a few do but they quickly lose interest. Am i boring, old or undesirable or is it just that people may want relationships yet do not keep interest long enough for anything significant to develop?


    Hi Vito,

    Yes, I’ve also noticed people’s lack of responsiveness here. It mystifies me too. Women will send me a friend request. I respond by thanking them and ask them to tell me more about themselves or ask what it was about my profile that piqued an interest in friending me. Crickets. No replies. The conversation ends before it begins. I don’t understand.

    Regarding long-distance success, I did have one very successful one. I met my dear Zaida here through this site. She was from Guatemala. I live in MD near DC. Despite cultural, geographical, and age differences, we emotionally bonded deeply, and despite differences, we were equals. We talked to each other daily through Skype, Messenger, Yahoo IM and phone. She taught herself English and it was near perfect. She was so bright, so loving, so supportive, so caring, so genuine, so sensual, so romantic. We were preparing to finally meet in each other’s countries when unexpectedly, on July 4, 2015, she died of cancer. That’s devastated me to this day. I cried to the heavens: “You can’t even give me this?” I love her and miss her immensely.

    So I don’t know what the takeaway is of my story. Maybe it’s that one can find love and friendships here, but it’s extremely rare. Why that is, I could make guesses, but I hardly know.


    Beth Ann

    Hi guys. I think that most of attraction happens in in-person contacts and it’s awful difficult for a lot of us to fully engage in IT-based exchanges. It’s different for everyone but for myself I’m unsure I can meet people who become significant to me without the irl part. I want to connect in real ways on line but have never been able to…don’t know if I can. I want to……..maybe can’t. I was hoping to find people who are geographically close to me so the irl part could happen but they are not on here.

    Good luck! To all of us.

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