Frustration with the transient nature of friendships

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    As time passes, friendships wax and wane. Having a committed, stable, and long-term romantic relationship however seems the best way of dealing with the transient nature of friendships. Whenever I socialize with friends, I can’t help but to think there will be a time when they become romantically (and sexually) with someone else, and the amount of time they spend with me will dramatically decrease. People also constantly move, become busy with various projects and shift social circles frequently and not being in a committed relationship makes it easy for people to shift about geographically and mentally. Anyone else seek something deeper than fleeting non-romantic transient friendships that leaves you feeling emotionally unfulfilled?

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    Dear Jason, I can relate to that quite well. What is also a problem is that for asexual people the border between friendship and love is less clear-cut. I tend to get quite attached to friends and am very sad if they more away or get romantically involved with someone and have less time… Sometimes it is also hurtful, if a friend suddenly has less time because he/she is in a relationship – and they only have time again when their relationship did not work out.

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