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    Hello everyone! I stumbled across this website recently and thought I’d make a friendly introduction. I’ve never met another asexual person in real life and I’m excited about connecting with like-minded people.

    I love photography, games of nearly every kind (board, video and tabletop) and making people laugh. If making puns and dad jokes was an Olympic sport, I’d probably be a gold medalist.

    I’m lucky enough to have a full life and good friends, despite being an older single adult in my 30’s. (If this doesn’t sound impressive, consider that the greatest miracle of Jesus was having 12 best friends in his thirties, who weren’t his wife’s best friends’ husbands.)

    It becomes harder to hold onto friendships when people get older and get busy with their families — so I’m hoping to connect with others on the ace spectrum and find a platonic partner.

    Thanks for reading my intro and feel free to reach out!

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