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    This is a topic I have often thought about in recent times. It seems like a straight forward topic but it’s quite complex.

    I’ll define success as when ideals begin to manifest thems into real life but your definition is most welcomed too.

    So, how does 1 manage themselves when they begin to taste success or when success comes like a whirlwind?


    Act like nothing has changed and try ti take things one step at a time.


    Thanks responding Alexander. I guess that’s the best thing to do. When you’re old plan expires, formulate a new 1.
    How would you handle the other extreme, failure? The same way? Failing sometimes feels like it has double the force of success.


    You could, but I would use the experience to make a plan b for similar situations in the future.


    Success is like trying to grow fruit. You have to deal with a lot of manure before anything can be grown to harvest.


    Lol that’s a great anecdote, it makes me think of the current weather conditions in relation to farming (El nino).

    I guess success is basically a challenge that says, now that you’re successful, what’s next. It’s like getting a job promotion without getting any information about the new role I think. Time to get out of your comfort zone type situation.


    We have all been there at one point or another. It’s great to plan ahead, but you gotta make sure your on solid ground before you can move ontobthe next level. Its like crossing a frozen lake. You can look ahead all you want to try to see if it is safe or not, but you won’t really know until you try. You gotta make sure your path is solid and trend lightly or you might just fall in.


    Good advice from Alexander, success and failure seem to go hand in hand sometimes and you have to be prepared for both. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy but it really pays off sometimes. 10 years ago I had my own retail ladies boutique, it was successful beyond belief but because of different mitigating circumstances I had to close my doors after only one year. It was heartbreaking and even now after 10 years I don’t think I have fully recovered mentally and physically. Seek your dream but don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t work out the way you planned. You’ve got to be prepared to fail as well as succeed. Anything is worth pursuing but you have to be realistic.


    I am one of the lucky ones. I have are ready achieved all of my life goals and I have to do now is relax and soak it all in.


    Hi Alexander and Janice thanks for sharing your experiences.

    To Janice, I take everything you’re saying on board. That’s the 1 thing that is tough about running your own business. Youre used to managing people and other aspects of business operations but when the boss has an issue how do they deal with that. That’s a huge topic.

    To Alexander, you must be very hard working to be content at 21. So youre fully aware of current dynamics in you’re current situation? If you know the dynamics, tell me a few.

    Finally, when it comes to preparation I really do take it seriously.
    I have gone to the length of making my self fail just to experience the actual emotions but the damage/risk was calculated within my limits. I don’t like to only hear about things if I can experience something, I will device some way to naturally but safely experience it.


    I find it best to use any negative emotion or weakness and turn it into a sttrgnth. So it can help me fuel my drive towards my goals. Also I’ve been content for many years now. I’ve been achieving every goal I’ve put my mind to since birth. It’s good to be content, but you should never be sasified with what you have PR you will lose your will power to move foward.


    Good advice Alexander.

    Hi John, I once read there are no failures in life, just lessons we learn from and that is now one of my business/life mottos. So I have no fear, because I can’t fail in this way, just learn, develop and grow. Success means different things to different people and although I don’t currently earn a lot, I consider myself very successful with all of my achievements that I would never have thought possible years ago.

    BTW. I run the Asexual Business, Gurus and Entrepreneur’s group on Facebook – exclusively for asexuals.

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