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    Cijay Morgan

    Well, I was going out with a great lady for a few years, then she dropped the news casually that she wants to have children. (The fact that neither of us wanted kids 3 years ago was one of the things that attracted us to each other.) Well, not only could I not give her children, I don’t want kids – she didn’t get that. Eventually she met a guy to keep her happy. Unfortunately – not long after that, she had respiratory problems and passed away.

    One thing I notice more than anything when I meet aces is a lot of them start with “I don’t want to pigeonhole myself but I don’t want a sexual relationship right now.” (I think that’s what my ex was all about though she didn’t say it.) Isn’t there anyone who IS asexual, IS willing to be ‘pigeonholed’ and doesn’t have any fractures (A with Bi tendencies, grey A etc) that I have heard.

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