Asexual who wants to experience "something" if you get my drift?

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    I get it if I’m in the wrong forum and I’m sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable. I promise you I get it, I’ve never experienced sexual attraction and I probably never will but is it ok to maybe question if I want to feel the stimulation and if anyone else just wants to feel the physical feeling of sex without the rest? Possible more but I’m being honest with where my head would be at at first.
    My brain is a mess right now with all my friends having babies and my siblings starting families with my asexual ass in the middle with a district repulsion to anyone in my area.
    I’m just thinking about the prospect of a friendship where that sort of thing is ok where moderators won’t destroy me or creeps won’t came me after with slurs if I refuse sex immediately that night.
    I’m in the early stage of my asexuality but I’m also curious if that makes sense.

    Angeles Winesett

    I’m a little confused, but curious to follow your line of thought. Do you mean you want to experience the attraction without needing to follow through on it? Or you want someone to participate in a physical encounter that results in stimulation, without follow through?

    Kat InLosAngeles

    Why would you not want to experiment?? That’s just human nature. Plus, how will you know your own tolerances/desires if you don’t do a lot of experimenting? Maybe you’re comfortable giving head once a month but not receiving: won’t know until you at least kinda think about it. Labels are great for forming community and not feeling alone – but they don’t mean you can’t ever blur the lines, or that you might for a few weeks feel a different way or something.


    I think that, technically, “I want sex without anything emotional” is “aromantic”, if I’ve misunderstood you I apologise. Either way, though, there isn’t anything wrong with wanting the physical sensations.


    I think what you are saying is you want to experience sexual stimulation despite not experiencing sexual attraction? And maybe even want to have sex eventually with someone for the sensations that brings, (despite not experiencing sexual attraction), with someone who wouldn’t have that at the forefront of their mind and expect you to do it in the beginning. Is this correct?

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