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    Hi everyone!
    I post here a very interesting link about a asexual marriage.

    I’m not married and I’m still insecure about having children (mine or adopted) but I have to say that this woman’s words resonated with me deeply.

    I too grew up not being interested in having a relationship (either with men or women), I too had an akward relationship with a boy during my high school years whom I liked but I felt uncomfortable about kissing (or even thinking about having sex with him).
    I too felt happy and contented with my life surrounded by friends until I reached the 30s and everyone got married, found a significant other or had children and I found myself spending my weekends alone more and more often.
    I too miss the companionship rather than the sex and I feel the need to find a deep connection with someone else.

    I hope this article could help others!


    Hi Paola. That thanks for the article it was interesting, something we can all relate to, lucky people finding each other it gives us a bit of hope dosent it.



    Hi Dan!
    I posted it there for this exact reason: showing that it’s possible to find someone to share your life with, and even have children if you’re inclined to, even if you’re asexual.
    It gives me hope, indeed!
    Especially in a moment like the one I’m living right now. My mother and sister had some health problems and I’d been pretty busy and worried. Not having anyone that could be your backup, even in menial things like buying groceries or prepare a meal for when you return home, or simple asking you how are you doing and inviting you out for a dinner or a walk, make me feel lonely and sad.
    Tomorrow is a big holiday in Italy (the Anniversary of the Liberation from the Nazi) and since I was busy at work and at home, I didn’t have the time or the energy to call my friend and organize something. Well, I’ll end up being the third wheel tomorrow with my sister and brother in law, because nobody called me and everybody already planned thing with their significant other or other couples.
    Sorry for the wordy response…I needed to went out a little to someone who can understand my struggle.
    Paola 🙂


    Hi Paola.Sorry to hear about your familys health problems,im in a similar situation as i only have mother and step father and they are getting on now with health issues, so i can totally understand how you feel.Just try to seek out kind hearted friends thats what i do, at least we have the internet to connect these days,i accept its easier said than done though! You are not alone, if we lived closer i would be your friend.



    Hi Danny, I feel you. Yes…having parents starting to age and having health problems can be hard. Especially if you’re alone.
    You’re very nice I too would be your friend if we were closer. God bless internet that help us to find friends even if we are far away!
    I’m constantly trying to find kind-hearted and trustful friends living near me…but lately it seems harder and harder. I’m not a very extroverted person, I’m friendly with everyone but it takes me awhile to befriend someone. Strangely it’s easier to make friends on internet than in real life…probably because here it’s easier to find people with your same interests or that are like you.

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