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    I need authors & bloggers of our persuasion who want to be included in a list of such on my tiny little blog page.

    If you wish to be included, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

    My blog is odd and not particularly focused, hence the title “Focus? What?!?!”, but I’d really like to have a directory of our work and our epic authors available in one place.

    My blog currently appears to be primarily about being trans, but I knew I was ace long before I knew the other. I’m sure eventually there will be more ace-oriented stuff on it.

    It can be accessed at Focus? What?!?! , to see if you want to be linkable through it.

    I will need a SHORT author bio from you and a link to where your work can be bought or viewed, as well as the genre or genres you work in most often.

    Thank you! I hope this is useful!

    Your friend, “Toad” (maria)

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