are there any men who would ate older women

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    I am curious how many men would relocate or date some one who was young at heart but in early 60’s. It is hard to find men who don’t want sex or relocate. I am in Missouri and you just don’t find too many men here


    That was suppose to be DATE older women


    All kinds of variables in that. If I was a millionaire I would relocate in a flash if I thought I had found the right lady, likewise I would relocate within my own country on the same terms without changing my financial position. But using your good self and me purely as an example, it would probably be impossible as I am retired and my income would not be enough to satisfy your immigration rules, even if the heart might be willing. Being in my early sixties does limit ones options even if you are young at heart, and I am very young at heart. <smiles> I sometimes wonder if I ever grew up.

    So in principle yes, I personally would relocate for the right lady even though its scary, as I am settled in my home, content except for one thing. Being heteroromantic asexual, I do often long to hold someone close on a warm night under the moonlight 🙂


    I totally understand what you are saying. I am also on limited income but fortunately I was able to pay off everything before my husband died( only good thing about that marriage was no sex) because of the horrible way I was treated I fear leaving the nest and being hurt. It is hard at our age to just up and relocate, we are set in our ways. I am pretty shy and don’t have many friends. I do have some medical issues that cause me some pain, but I manage very well. I love to laugh and joke around. I too miss having some one to just cuddle up to or walk hand in hand. Just knowing some one is there for me. I have gone thru 3 marriages and because I did not enjoy sex, it was a duty they did not last plus in one the man hit me and that was it, won’t tolerate any man putting hands on me.The last one we stayed together 15 yrs because we slept in separate rooms. he was a drunk and addict which he hid very well until after marriage and I got blamed for everything that any other woman did to him. I am curious are u on limited income also? I don’t know much about where you live and why ur income would change ( if on limited income) I for one am not looking for a marriage cause it would change my income and being a christian I don’t feel I would be living in sin cause there would be no sex involved, at least that is how my brain functions lol, if you would like to carry on with this conversation or just want to chat feel free to email me at [email protected]


    Well i’m not a man and i’m taken anyway. But principally i don’t see any problem in dating a women your age. Relocating is pretty hard for everyone these days tho.


    I totally understand even for me it would be hard

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