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    Andrew Logue

    Was just thinking.

    Are the web devs working on improving this website?
    Any support or admin browsing the forums?

    I just wonder if the money we pay for membership is actually being used to further develop this website and improve on its flaws.

    Personally I think this website is quite nice with some nice people, but can see room for improvement.

    Would be nice if any devs or support team could chime in and respond.

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    Hi Andrew

    I am not involved in the development of this website, just a participant like you, and do not know who they are. But I would be interested to know how you think they can improve it? And what flaws you would like them to correct?


    Andrew Logue

    Well for starts this website really gears towards groups, which really should be placed on the back bench.
    Diving such a small community into smaller groups is just pure insanity, and apart from joining these groups to ‘Show on your profile’ as like a hobby / interest, it doesnt really help much.

    Other dating sites that I have used, uses icebreakers for profiles you might like the look of but really not into sending a greeting message. These could come in the form of winks. Like the following emotes, ‘Hi’ ‘Nice Profile’ ‘Would like to get to know you’ ‘Nice Photos’ These kinds of winks might get a conversation going where normally no interaction happens. If someone recieves a wink and they like your profile, they could wink back or perhaps send a message.

    A better Forum Database, Perhaps broken down into sections like the AVEN website (But not as big as AVEN), with admin tools to edit signatures, post counts, notification settings.

    Maybe Profile Linking, so I could link my facebook account, youtube account, twitter account, or custom profile linking to my profile so people can connect easier or see that you use other platforms not just Asexualitic..

    Perhaps a better logged in home page, as the home page when logged in pretty much looks identical to not being logged in with the ‘I am a ___ Looking for a ____.’

    Im not very creative but those are some things off top of my head.

    What I like about Asexualitic, is that its different, but too much different can cause confusion, and put people off using its system.

    Sandra what do you think about the points I made?

    Do you have any suggestions or thoughts?

    On a seperate note, I looked at the Admin profile on the Sticky Forum Topic.
    Last active 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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    Hi Andrew

    I didn’t even know there was a Sticky Forum Topic?

    My chat feature has been broken for a few months now, my green light status comes on but nothing happens when I click through to connect with someone. I emailed but no reply.

    I think you make some valid points. I have actually been looking into dating software and to get ‘some’ of those features it costs a lot more money as it is a much more advanced system and it can require web developers. Some sites are almost $1000 and with extras, and even to get the basics of those you are talking about is $300 for just the site with some features – then there is the ongoing costs of domain name, hosting maintenance/updates!! So they would have to put up the price.

    I am not sure how much people would be prepared to pay to use a site with all those features or more of them?

    I think people forget the time it takes to run a site like this (if the admin were on here regularly as they should be). People don’t seem to realise that people need paying to create it and maintain it – if they want the admin to devote their time to this and make it much better then it would have to be a ‘paid job’ because they still need to eat and pay bills while they are working on this site, they cannot be doing other work! I have been looking to create a site myself and if I was to create a site more like what you say – this would be my situation and it appears to me that most asexuals seem to think that services like dating sites, should be free to asexuals!! Maybe you could create a post asking how much people would be prepared to pay for such a thing?? – It would be good for me to know, because I was also thinking a similar thing? And maybe ask in Facebook groups too?

    As far as I know you can sign in with Facebook here – but that may not be the same as being connected like you say?

    I like the idea of winks and ice-breakers – I just thought is it too much like traditional heterosexual behaviour to send such a thing?


    Andrew Logue

    I can only give an example of another dating site that I have used, and paid for membership.

    View post on

    Membership Example

    The above link will show a picture of what a successful website would probably charge. The website has 425,421 members, so its pretty successful like plenty of fish.

    View post on


    The above image is an example of how flirts can sometimes break the ice. When going to someones profile reading their content, or even just like the appearance of the person you are viewing. Sometimes it can be challenging to write something meaningful. Sometimes people can be shy. And just send a friendly flirt to see if that person will respond. How many times have we written 2 or 3 paragraphs to a profile with little to no response. This is a good way to get someone you like to check your profile and maybe strike a conversation.

    – Hi
    – Im in Love
    – Kisses
    – Wink
    – You’re delicious
    – You make me Smile
    – You make me LOL!
    – You make me giggle
    – You’re Cool
    – Love the beard (well this one is strange lol)
    – You make me blush
    – Yes please
    – Checking you out
    – Call me
    – You’re Awesome
    – It wasnt me
    – Oh yay baby
    – Happy to see you
    – Message me
    – Text me
    – You make my heart pound
    – My broken heart
    – A flower for you
    – You’re my star
    – Hot as the sun
    – Bear Hug
    – I like you
    – You’re an Angel
    – Lets Party
    – Lets Dance
    – Lets get coffee
    – Lets get a drink
    – Lets get a beer
    – Lets go out to eat
    – Happy Birthday
    (Missed out 2 of them because they are of sexual nature)
    – Youre photos are hot
    – Hey now
    – Thank’s but I’m not interested

    A lot of dating sites use these fast and easy ways to show an interest. Think of it as leaving a like on a facebook post, or like or disliking a youtube video but you can do so on someones profile.

    Yes it can seem to be like heterosexual behavior to leave a flirt but at the end of the day, people work, have jobs, eat, watch movies, hang out with friends, socialise. We live in a busy world. Like it or not, many people dont have time to spend a lot of time on a dating website. Sometimes it takes icebreakers to start the ball rolling because its easy and quick.

    I am not sure how much people would be prepared to pay to use a site with all those features or more of them?

    You make a good question, and the answer is quite simple. People will pay a reasonable price for the quality of goods or services provided. Meaning that if the website is good, active, productive, and enjoyable experience I guess people will pay up to the price of its worth as a service.

    This is probably the longest post I have ever made in my entire life, and feel very exhausted. I hope I made some good points and was clear in what I was intending to write.

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    Hi Andrew

    Thank you so much for taking the time and resources to do this. I really appreciate it. I have also been doing some research and can see what you mean.

    It is Asexual Cupid you are using?

    What are the services/features that they don’t offer, that you would like to see?

    Happy Christmas and Boxing Day x

    Thanks again

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