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    Anna C

    Just wondering if anyone else like to play otome games, sometimes they are really sappy but some are really funny and creative. I like how…most of the time the relationships in them are pretty innocent. Sure sometimes they’ll have a character who says some spicy stuff, but the focus is on discovering interests and empathizing with the characters, and when you do enable the MC to get their match they hold hands or dry kiss. Adorable.

    The recent one I’ve been playing is mystic messenger. If you’ve played it too what did you think? Or if you have another game that’s good share it so we can play too. ^_^


    I recommend Havest moon. It’s a pretty decent series of games. I’m playing Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town currently. Hopefully I’ll become rich enough in time to be able to woo and marry someone. xD

    Anna C

    Harvest moon is good. I played sunshine island. And of course I had to woo Vaughn. Something about the challenge of him only being in town Tuesday made me have to go for it. I have never made so much rice pudding in my entire life.


    lol, nice

    Chantal D

    I play some on my smartphone. I agree, I like how they focus on the romance, and I prefer the ones with a manga/anime look.

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