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    I’m only about 60% transmale but that part of me tends to dominate much of the time. My weaker female side is vocal, critical,alive and well, though, and since the female gender mode is mostly located in the left hemisphere where details, time, and numbers are processed, I need this part of me, although I can’t always access it when needed.

    I could qualify for a number of labels, including “androgyne” and “gender fluid,” but the transmale part is strong enough to hate my image in the mirror and is in total denial about my bio female body, won’t look at photos of myself, reacts with feelings of anger if someone “mislabels” my gender..but only when I’m in “male mode.”

    Mostly, I cruise along in a sort of butch androgyne mode, not choosing a particular gender side and dressing androgynously when not at work.
    Luckily, I’m teaching in Thailand at the moment where Buddhism accepts a Third Gender and people are free to present as they please, choosing their own self-pronouns as they speak, and can change them at will.

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    Yep, I’m a transguy. Been on T for almost 12 years now.

    I’m one of those people that puts all the labels out front if people show an interest in me. I’ve been burned by people who think I’m somehow “mysterious” or “taboo”, and bolt the minute the novelty wears off.

    So here’s the labels: Trans, Aspergers, Asexual (obviously!)

    I’m honest to a fault, but not to where I’m rude about it. Also highly obnoxious, which coupled with the honesty, makes me “that guy” that people don’t invite to their get-togethers.

    I’m a nerd. I love to research and learn across a wide range of topics. Even my profession is pretty damn nerdy.

    There is a period of time for most transfolk where they are more self-conscious in trying to pass. Some FTMs will present in a manner that they feel most would recognize as unquestionably macho. Frankly, I never gave a crap about all that, and still don’t.

    I became a member hoping to find people who want what I want in a potential friend+. I want a female friend who wants to be affectionate and occasionally make-out. I’ve looked in a few of the various groups’ forums and wonder if saying that last sentence makes me sound like a creep.


    Hi! Welcome, and I hope you find someone.
    I’m an American demisexual partial transmale..about 60%, but my female side is strong enough that I just live as a bigender. Thai Buddhism accepts a Third Gender, so trans people here don’t get operations and just present as they wish.


    Also a transman here.

    I don’t really have statistics as to how much of a ‘guy’ I am…Didn’t even know that was a thing…?

    Either ways, just thought I’d drop in and say hi. 🙂

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