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    How does your anxiety affect you? I often find it difficult to breathe when I’m anxious, and I feel light headed. Sometimes my hands go numb/tingly!


    I’m heavily medicated for social anxiety, which seems to work for the most part.
    But now a lot of my angst centres around big picture things I have no control over (hence why I’m a misanthropist) but then that angst turns to depression, and the depression turns to apathy.
    So ironically the more anxious I get, the more apathetic I become, even though they are essentially the polar opposite.


    I have GAD and Panic Disorder, so I have a constant anxiety, like Liam, it’s usually about stuff that is completely beyond my control. And I get so anxious that it basically causes me to shut down. Almost like panic overload. I’m also super sensitive to movement and noises. Like if someone comes up behind me and I didn’t hear them approach they will startle the crap out of me and often cause me to scream or freak out.

    The panic disorder causes me to have pretty severe panic attacks where I feel an overwhelming sense of dread or like I’m going to die. My heart starts racing and many times I’ll start shrieking uncontrollably for a few seconds.

    However the panic attacks don’t happen too often anymore. And I’ve been in therapy for a while to deal with these issues and they seem to be getting better. It’s still a struggle but not as much as it used to be.


    I know the feeling of not being able to breathe… or panic in public spaces like in the metro or on a concert. My anxiety attacks started when I had a job I did not feel good enough in (overburdened) and got worse after a break-up. It got to a point where I stopped going out. But then again, I am very social and like people. Although sometimes I build walls and do not like when others see me when I have a panic attack, I hate being alone. It was also the feeling of being alone after the break-up that made things worse. Like you, I panic about things I cannot control, as a response, I am a perfectionist in all things that I have control over. That gives me a kind of sense of security. What really helped me to be better was a change of job and a good friend whom I can trust. 🙂


    What have y’all found that successfully relieves or reduces social anxiety? Not big on prescriptions but open to suggestions whether it’s an activity, supplement, or whatever?


    I have bpd and suffer from anxiety and depression a lot. I get tight pains in my chest and get crippling back ache. I get triggered quite easily and certain people like to trigger it off on purpose to see me react. Very depressed since December

    Emily :)

    I’ve just been diagnosed with anxiety… I went to the doctors because quite a few times I felt like I was going to faint: my head went light and dizzy, my eyes stung, I felt really hot and sick, so I sat on the floor for ages with my legs crossed and my head down until I could control it. The doctor said it was anxiety, because while I was in the waiting room, I started to feel the same thing again, but my heart was pumping so hard and fast, and my hands were shaking. He said he’d rather not prescribe me with medication yet, because he thinks I’m too young to start to rely on it, so I’m going to start going to counselling sessions. I’m so glad to get something done about it though, because this has been happening for a long time, and I even feel happier just knowing what the problem is 🙂

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