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Well, Semok, I must confess I’ve watched a shameful number of absurd, plotless, weird, indie films, it’s kind of an addiction. So don’t hesitate to suggest any movie you like. I will probably download it and watch it instead of working in some important presentation, cause that’s the kind of irresponsible things that I do.
Now, about the japanese films, I was actually referring to the grat terrifying ones, the kind that Hollywood buys and then makes a mediocre version (like The Ring or The Grudge). BUT, I think I like the idea of weird, amusing, so called “horror films” better. It will be much more fun to discuss them and try to figure out what the film-maker was thinking of. We should expand the category to “Oriental, bizarre horror films” because there are some freakishly awesome movies from China, Indonesia and India, as well.

So, I let it up to you to pick four films for the forum that will open simultaneously with the one featuring comedies. It would be great if you could come up with the selection by sunday, so we can start the forums on monday as “Week 1”.

I hope everyone agrees with this. Comments are always appreciated 🙂

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