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1. What type of Ace or you?
I am heteroromantic, and I am not grey at all. I do not want sex ever, not even making out really. I do like cuddling, holding hands, and more chase kisses.

2. What country do you live in and are you willing to date outside your country/state?
I live in MN, USA. I am actively saving to move to CA so I would like to meet people from there. I will always prefer to meet people close to me but with such a small percentage of asexuals in the world I am open to love anywhere.

3. What is your preferred age group? Or does age not matter?
I have always liked older guys. I would be okay with someone 25-34 but I would prefer on the older side of that scale.

4. Do you want kids? Do you have kids?
I do not have kids but I really want one (and I mean only one). I plan to have one before I am 30 with or without a husband/boyfriend.

5.What are your hobbies/inter
I love acting and watching movies. I also like to draw and I am starting to sew. I also like being active and hiking in new areas.

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