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1. What type of Ace or you? I’m biromantic, probably grey-sexual as I don’t want or need sex but am not sex-repulsed
2. What country do you live in and are you willing to date outside your country/state? UK, living in both Newcastle and Wakefield part time as at uni. I wouldn’t mind a long distance relationship as long as we did meet occasionally and there was the option to stay with each other for longer periods of time, say a week or two at a time
2. What is your preferred age group? Or does age not matter? I would probably prefer between 18-25, but I wouldn’t mind a little older I suppose. I guess my cutoff would be 10 years older, just cause I’d find it harder to relate
3. Do you want kids? Do you have kids? I would like children eventually, and would prefer biological children, though I’m not averse to adoption
4.What are your hobbies/interests? Reading, writing, video games, tv/film and so on haha

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