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Ironically, I wrote a Tubmlr post about this very thing a couple days ago. I’m just going to copy and paste the relevant areas in here as, like the others on this thread, it’s a subject very dear to my heart.

…Not going to lie, I want one…sometimes badly. However, I have a lot of negatives in my favour in the ‘ready for a baby’ section. Financially, physically, emotionally…

1) I live at home, I’m only able to work two days a week at my current job and get less than 650 a month, and still need at least 2.5 more years before I’ll have a useful diploma to get a ‘good’ job which will enable me to support myself and not depend on my parents.

2) I have cerebral palsy, my body is fussy (my body ages faster than average person (my body apparently ages 3 for every 1 year) and I have a lot of ‘invisible’ medical problems on top of my CP) and I’m Asexual – I don’t want to do what you have to do to ‘make’ a baby nor do I think I want a partner.

3) I’m dealing with undiagnosed depression, I have one hell of an anxiety problem and I don’t deal with stress in a healthy manner (instead of getting sad, I usually get angry or shut people off completely)…

Still, it could happen, I guess.

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