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I watched Dead Sushi…and I’m going to have to watch it a second time! It’s definitly one of those movies which gets better when you have some to mock it with. 🙂

I have two favorite lines:
“You smell like a woman which adds to the fish smell.”
“These things have reached a point where they no longer make sense.” Really? Really?! This line was said near the end of the moive after loads of ridiculous things have happened. But NOW’s the point where things dont make sense. -_-

Things I noted.
1. 6 minutes in you have Quenticiental creepy Japanese perverted guy.
2. The young couple didn’t even get to third base before getting killed off. Apparently, the idea of killing off horny lovers is a universal horror concept.
4. The guy who gropes the girl while shes getting murdered by sushi. Pervetedness has no bounds. LOL
5. The egg kiss…WTF!

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