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    Week 1!!

    For the next four weeks we’ll be watching bizarre oriental “horror” movies (they are not really scary, unless you are extremely sensitive, they can be gross though) .

    I called it “part 1” because these are all japanese films so, in the future, we can have part two with indonesian or chinese films.

    The movie for this week is:

    Dead Sushi

    It’s from director Noboru Iguchi, known for his unconventional horror comedies. It was recomended by our friend Semok, who’s gonna be the sole responsible for the succcess or failure of this theme…just kidding, Semok XD.

    You can download it via torrents, if you can’t find it on your usual movie source or… dvd rental store, if they still exist where you live.

    So I’m gonna watch it tonight and hopefuly come back with some insights or discussion topics. I really hope you enjoy this group and please don’t be shy, all comments are strongly appreciated.


    Oh great, way to put the pressure on me. XD

    Dang, I should have rewatched it last night when I was eating sushi.


    LOL. The Blockbuster by me just closed! ALthough, they probably wouldn’t of had it anyway.

    I can’t wait to watch.


    I didn’t realize Blockbuster existed still. O-o


    Ok guys, I’m gonna be honest with you (mostly because I’ve just had a couple of drinks)… I have no idea on what to comment about Dead Sushi.I mean… it was incredibly entertaining, different and… perception changing, but I still can’t come up with serious dicussion questions.
    Ok… maybe I should stay quiet.


    I was worried I scared you away with the recommendation for Dead Sushi. XD

    It’s definitely the kind of movie that leaves you speechless.


    I watched Dead Sushi…and I’m going to have to watch it a second time! It’s definitly one of those movies which gets better when you have some to mock it with. 🙂

    I have two favorite lines:
    “You smell like a woman which adds to the fish smell.”
    “These things have reached a point where they no longer make sense.” Really? Really?! This line was said near the end of the moive after loads of ridiculous things have happened. But NOW’s the point where things dont make sense. -_-

    Things I noted.
    1. 6 minutes in you have Quenticiental creepy Japanese perverted guy.
    2. The young couple didn’t even get to third base before getting killed off. Apparently, the idea of killing off horny lovers is a universal horror concept.
    4. The guy who gropes the girl while shes getting murdered by sushi. Pervetedness has no bounds. LOL
    5. The egg kiss…WTF!


    Yeah, the movie is definitely one to watch with others so you can make fun of it together. My dad had come in and watched some of it with my friends and I and also commented on the women adding to the fish smell.

    Random fact, but apparently in Japan they don’t allow women to be sushi chefs because they claim that women have a slightly higher body temperature and start to cook the sushi when they make it. My dad did some research and found out that men actually have a slightly higher body temperature. XD

    I agree that I think killing off horny lovers is a universal horror concept. Not sure why, though. I also believe that the egg kiss is making fun of a Japanese commercial, or at least I recall being told it’s a commercial, but not sure: Viewer discretion is advised, since I find this really gross. XD


    Haha, that line about women not being able to handle sushi remind me of the movie Old Boy, though I didn’t think it was true.

    And yeah, that was really gross.

    • This reply was modified 10 years, 5 months ago by Rachel.

    Hi everybody! I had an awful sort of business trip to several towns located in the frontier of Bolivia and Brazil. The experience was pretty much what I expect hell to be like, if there is a hell. Basically, no decent internet connection, a 35 c. temperature (it’s like 95 fahrenheit) along with 90% humidity, mosquitoes the size of a ping-pong ball which the native people called “marigûis” but I call “nature’s revenge on human kind”, not a vegan-friendly place at all, on my last week there I had to eat cow gizzard and grilled chicken hearts, because our hostess would’ve been offended otherwise.
    Anyway, with the trip and the holidays following it, I wasn’t able to write in the group and I apologize for that. I really hope you haven’t lost interest in this.
    So, I have plenty of time to watch movies now, so I’m going to do a marathon of the japanese movies tonight. By the way, I watched Dead Sushi with a couple of friends and plenty of beer yesterday and it was a blast. You are right, Stephanie, it gets way better when you have someone to mock it with.
    Oh! and also Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you have an amazing 2014!

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