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Perhaps for others it is different, but for me being “panromantic” includes a sort of energy bonding, being as one, similar to Buddhist beliefs. When outside, I bond with the energy around me, animals, trees, landscape. People who have taken “magic mushrooms” or LSD describe the same sensation..that everything is really one, as quantum mechanics also confirms.

I think Robert A. Heinlein described it best in his book Stranger in a Strange Land when Michael Smith (raised on Mars by Martians) called being one with someone or someplace “grokking” and God as “one who groks.”
His Martian concept of life in the phrase “Thou art God” also describes it well.

I seem to feel the energy around me and love it, feel as one. When I rode my horses I didn’t use saddles or bridles, just thought what I wanted and the horses responded as I thought it, even when driving them to a cart (I left the driving lines loose).
Wild animals even come to me for help.

My neighbors would ask me what was wrong with their animals and I’d ask the animals in my imagination and get answers for the owners.

I don’t seem to get along as well with people as with animals, though, although once I allow myself access to someone’s thoughts I tend to sympathize with them afterward and no longer resent them. But I also feel like it’s a violation of their privacy and seldom do it.

My daughter uses the same method to find out which horse to bet on when she’s at the racetrack by mentally asking the horses which one is the fastest and wants to win the most. I’m different.
When betting, I go with the jockey since the best ones communicate with their horses and inspire them to win.

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