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Just because you join a dating forum doesn’t mean you have to have sex or settle for whoever decides to contact you.
Years ago I posted a profile in just to keep my relatives off my back about being single, but said I didn’t believe in casual sex, and then listed impossible demands for my preferred match..
Masters degree, grew up with horses, lived abroad, divorced with two grown children (like me), loves to travel, into health food, a charismatic Christian, a musician, wouldn’t mind moving to South America if I wanted, reads classic literature, loves comedy, lean and fit, not taller than 6′ 1,” etc.

I also thought, but didn’t say, that I wanted to date someone in the airline industry so I could fly for free.

I posted the ad, smiling to myself, knowing that nobody would respond, but I got a reply before I even thought there was time for that, from a gorgeous ex-Navy, airline pilot currently a flight instructor.

He had grown up with horses, had a Masters in engineering, had helped design the B-2 bomber, played trumpet, had been based in the Middle East for years as a Navy command pilot in charge of searching for submarines, is exactly 6′ 1,” a vegan, could climb a 40 foot rope hand over hand, likes rock climbing, had read many of the classics just for fun, divorced with two grown children-boy and girl like I have, charismatic Christian and doesn’t believe in premarital sex either.

I was shocked that my bluff had been called but finally agreed to meet him.
It took a year of his joining me on strenuous bird photography trips up the sides of cliffs, flying around the US (for free) to go camping in the Rocky Mountains, etc before I could allow him to touch me, and 1 1/2 years later I finally agreed to marry him, on an island surround by wild birds.

We lived an ideal life, traveling the world, camel trekking in the Outback, camping in Tasmania, etc. He gave me 2 hr foot rubs every night, he was amazing once we started making love since he was bisexual and knew how to switch gender roles, wear costumes, and have fun, just like I love it. We started and ran a small company together. We jammed on trumpet and keyboard, even played small gigs. He bought me two Walking Horses for Christmas and we broke them together and went driving and/or riding every day year around.

But I eventually left him to move to Thailand when he became jealous and controlling over a new government was frightening that someone would try to sabotage me.

I suppose the lesson I learned is that
1. the universe will bring you anything you can imagine
2. You might not want it when you get it.
3. your subconscious beliefs happen the same way your conscious wishes do. If you think things won’t work out, they won’t. If you fear something it will happen as well.

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