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Its odd for me yet as I explore what being asexual may or may not be for me. Only in the past year tops have I really began to think about “whats up” with my aversion to intercourse. And yet I have strong desires/libido for sexual contact and intimacy with attractive women?

Arousal toward women (men not at all) is all there but the thought of sex either due to organic reason of how my mind is wired or the very limited and negative experiences I do have with sex seems to turn me off to the idea completely. At least for now.

Part of me wants to at least try and see if more exposure to enjoyable sex encounters would open me up to sex being pleasurable and desirable…? Getting over the HUGE hump to do so will take some work on my end however.

Appreciate your comments of being a “dream guy” but I am sure its more than just wining and dining women that leads to genuinely bonded relationships even beyond sex. I would hope intelligence, candor, maturity, sensitivity, humor, confidence etc…..would truly real in a women over just sex. It kills me to think that women feel a “must put out” to compete with courting men these days. And we wonder why 50% of relationships go south!?

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