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I still eat with my family but I dislike the concept behind Thanksgiving since it correlates, at least in my opinion, with the genocide of Native Americans. It’s also a National Day of Mourning so I celebrate that instead, but I do eat with my family. My family’s predominately muslim but not heavily, so we use it as a family time together. I’m personally Buddhist, and my parents have no problems with my orientation thankfully.

I’m sorry your relatives are hostile, I can only offer a digital hug in response and hope for the best for you; at least you don’t have to suffer with mindless guests and people snarking on you, so that’s a good thing at least.

It’s not an ace thing to want to have fun versus eating a dry oversized chicken that can’t naturally breed anymore due to the request in the human market for larger breasts. It’s an empath view; you are eating something that was raised in perspective to be eaten on a day that mocks a minority race.

I may be a little tipsy so if this all sounds weird or cut offy, my apologies.

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