Reply To: Favourite Horror Movie?


My favorite movie of all time is of course the classic of all classics
‘The Exorcist’..just because it was based on a true so many othr
cult classics…those movies makes them more suspenful, and well horrific..
because they come from a true story….cause it did happen…

I agree, there are other well made, awesome special effects, etc..but if they are
‘product of an imaginative mind’ well, cool…but there is nothing like a
a ‘true’ story’ come to life….I guess it comes from us listening to old legends
or spooky stories, that well, it made them so scary, because we knew they were true…and it could happen to anyone…that is what makes them so scary…

true makes it ‘real’…and that alone is scary enough for anybody…

well, we all enjoy getting ‘scared’ by movies…but our perception does change when we know that the movie is based on a true story….because easily it can happen to anyone…that’s what makes it so scary I guess…

well..thats my point of view on scary movies….I have seen so many real scary stuff…I have seen real ghost and have seen people become ‘monsters’ and hurt other people….as in anything….there is always ‘another’ side’ to everything.

stay true.


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