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I was also recently dumped almost a month ago. A few days ago i sent him an essay of a text to tell him what sort of pain i had felt up until that day because something he told me he did upset me. He humored me and told me that he wanted to give it another chance but when I expressed uncertainty yesterday that was when we made things clear that it would most likely never work out. He told me that in truth he didn’t want to get back together and run the risk of hurting me by stringing me along. BUT he did still have feelings for me, cared about me and loved me deep down, things just weren’t gonna last forever in the long run. So now I am in the process of accepting these facts while maintaining my deep friendship with this person.

He was a very supportive guy and did not force me to do anything i don’t feel comfortable with. When we were together I would let him have sex with me when he wanted it to make him happy, even though for me I didn’t enjoy the actually intercourse part most of the time. I didn’t mind as long as he was happy. We were happy in the relationship but things didn’t work out for other reasons but i am glad i got to at least experience it.

I too feel like it is going to be hard to find a person that will accept my lack of interest in sex, but maybe we are just being to pessimistic. I think it’s best to just go with the flow and live life without overthinking it. and when we do find someone to be in a relationship with again whether its a ex or a new person it will work out as long as you communicate it to them what your needs are.

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