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1. What type of Ace or you?
I am heteroromantic. And I am new to the community so I haven’t really figured out if I am Grey-A or not . I am also monogamous. Not looking for a relationship where I have to share my partner with someone else.

No ‘conditions applied’ panel for friendship though.

2. What country do you live in and are you willing to date outside your country/state?
I am from Mumbai , India . Living in Bali right now , will be moving to Barcelona in 2 months. My job involves a lot of travel , so the country I am living in can change every 3 months. I do plan to settle down in one place by the end of this decade. I am willing to date outside my country.

3. What is your preferred age group? Or does age not matter?

Preferred age group is 22-32 . A better way to phrase it would be that I won’t be comfortable dating someone younger than me. I’m 21 .

4. Do you want kids? Do you have kids?

I do not have kids. I do want kids but not for another 6 or 7 years. I want to have some money saved to be able to give him/her/them a lovely childhood.
I have no preferences with adopting or an asexual-friendly version of the traditional way . It wouldn’t be a problem if the guy already has kids . But, he has to be single.

5.What are your hobbies/interests?

Using theatrical hand gestures when talking about not remotely dramatic subjects.Having a makerspace brainstorm. Makerspacing? Is that the word? Also good at making people laugh, or at least making myself look silly enough so they can laugh. I also make a sweet chicken sandwich and fries. I love writing in all forms. And Hiking.

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