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Dom Ireland

36 / Man / Single / Guildford

Okay, well I make video games for a living, so that probably tells you a lot about me straight away. If you consider yourself even a little bit nerdy, indie, alternative or anything like that then we'll probably get along great. I play the bass guitar, which is a lot less...

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18 / Woman / Single / London

I'm not the most social of people, don't get me wrong though. I actually love going out and talking to people but I'm just not the best at initiating conversations or friendships unless I'm approached first. My main interests include music, I love alot of music types but my favourite...

Profile picture of Zoe

21 / Woman / Single / Bristol

Hi, I am a Happy positive person. I have been told that i am kind,funny and a bit crazy in a good way ;). I like arts and crafts i can't really draw but i love making things this includes candles,cold pressed soaps and using clay. I am an animal lover and...

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19 / Man

I’m often described by my peers as an old man in a young person’s body because I have no desires to drink or partake in various irrelevant social functions. That’s not to say that I’m a complete introvert -in fact I quite like meeting people and talking about anything, general...

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Bobby ADD ME ON KIK- JS5088

21 / Man / Single / Bedford

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29 / Man / Single / Preston

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37 / Man / Single / Portsmouth

I'm not a full member so i can't reply to messages. Sorry! FB Search: maffwoo

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Sean S

29 / Man / Single / Sheffield

How to start this off mmm well I love to travel, I've just got back from Australia, which I loved, definitely want to go back there soon. I love to write, everything has the potential for a story, no matter how irrelevant it may seem. I'm at Sheffield Hallam Uni...

Profile picture of earth_wanderer

32 / Man / Single / Lincoln

Profile picture of Davide

32 / Man / Single / London

I was born in a crowded city next to an active volcano, I lived on a farm in rural Pennsylvania and in a tower block at the outskirts of Caracas. I went to Edinburgh Uni, got a job in London, went on a few trips and tried my best to...

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Alex D

23 / Man / Single / London

I'm a 23 yr old journalist currently living in london, in my spare time do quite a lot of reading of both journalism and fiction, also do BMXing lol

Profile picture of Sam

22 / Man / Single / Manchester

Hi! Nobody ever knows what to say in these things, so guess i'll just say the big things i can think of. Doing an engineering apprenticeship, 2nd year, absolutely love it, really lucky i found something i enjoy. Favourite bands: Los campesinos!, bring me the horizon, enter shikari and while she sleeps,...

Profile picture of Jess

26 / Woman / Single / Sheffield

I'm a PhD student in Chemistry, a fan of most things Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Supernatural, Doctor Who, LOTR etc and will talk about them endlessly. I like musicals and films and new music. DM me on Twitter @Jessphillips18 or add me on Facebook (I'll confirm you if I...

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Joshua Levin

24 / Man / Single / London

I've always loved reading and I enjoy being creative with writing, photography and programming. My camera almost never leaves my side and I love having moments of "quick quick, this is amazing get a photo!" when I see something awesome. I suppose I'm here for a reason and I identify as a...

Profile picture of Chris

34 / Man / Single / Essex/London

I'm looking for someone to spend time with in and around London.  I spend a lot of my time going to music and comedy gigs, watching films, and generally exploring the weirder side of life in London. My main interest in life is music and I have a real soft spot for a...

Profile picture of Luke

29 / Man / Single / grimsby

I am basically looking for a relationship without sex with another asexual person. Being asexual can be a very lonely and isolating feeling and I would love to be able to find somebody that is the same as me. I Recently moved to brighton last year (2014) and work as...

Profile picture of Klara

22 / Woman / Single / Bath

Hi I'm a 22 year old history student from England. I love being out of doors, cooking interesting foods, traveling (though I haven't done that much yet), just reading a good book and of course history. I'm hoping that this site might help me make some new friends and maybe...

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36 / Woman / Single

I am quiet, can be shy until you know me, after which I can be a chatterbox. I'm an INFJ, a Hufflepuff, and a fan of all things Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables. I really love taking photos, and my friends know that if they...

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23 / Man / Single / brighton

Profile picture of Russell

55 / Man / Single / Southport

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George Davies

19 / Man / Single / Liverpool

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19 / Woman / Single / Huddersfield

(Pre apology for the horrible attempt at summarising myself) Hiya, I'm an 20 year old process engineer working at a chemical plant and the three main pillars of my personality is science, reading and food. For those of you wondering just how much can someone like science? I own a periodic table...

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