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29 / Man / Single / Woverhampton

I can NOT send or open messages because I have a free account so please message me on kik if you like, just let me know you came from here. kik: thestarlord88 Im a geek, I have graduated from uni. I consider myself a filmmaker, I would love to live in London...


34 / Man / Single / Londlon


40 / Woman / Single / Devon

Asexual Author/Entrepreneur. I am lively, bubbly, energetic Heteroromantic Asexual, I love blogging, Vlogging, and living a quirky life, to the max.  If you want to know more about asexuality subscribe to : I am into Disney and superhero movies, website design  and personal and professional development. Writing is my...


52 / Man / Single / Southampton


29 / Man / Single / London

I can usually be found on my bicycle or someplace outdoors, though I do also have an equally large couch potato side. I'm a big fan of deep conversations and pondering life's mysteries. Huge music nerd and enthusiast of anything creative. Hope to hear from you soon!


20 / Woman / Single

Hi, I'm Zoe, currently studying Archaeology in Canterbury, it's a lot more interesting than it sounds, i promise. I love reading, writing and someday really want to travel and see as much of the world as possible. Seriously, I have a map with ladybird pins and pictures and the whole...


33 / Man / Single / Birmingham

Trying to make every moment count, learn from every single experience and do everything possible to become the very best version of myself.


36 / Man / Single / Guildford

Okay, well I make video games for a living, so that probably tells you a lot about me straight away. If you consider yourself even a little bit nerdy, indie, alternative or anything like that then we'll probably get along great. The nerdier the better, to be honest! I play the...


36 / Woman / Single / London


50 / Man / Single / Exeter

I am a friendly person with a great sense of humour. I have a generally positive approach to life and enjoy spending quality time with those that are important to me. I read a lot and love films (particularly sci-fi). Music is a big part of my life - I not...

Priya B

41 / Woman / Single

I am shy yet friendly. I am a loving, romantic, and loyal person. I do not want to have sex or kids. You can look me up on Acebook as PriyaB or also priyabsoc at . I can't read or send messages here.


26 / Man / Single / Trowbridge

I am new here after coming to terms with the fact that I am asexual. I thought that it was a weird thing for me to be but I grew tired of pretending. I have not told anyone yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anyone wanting to chat, just...

Trevor Cooper

41 / Man / Single / London

I'm an all-round decent chap. Can I say that about myself without sounding a touch immodest? Probably not, but it's unequivocally true! I'm intelligent and playful, and am interested in world affairs and the arts. Music is my biggest passion and I do love to dance (with a partner). I also love...


23 / Woman / Single / Bury St. Edmunds

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a 23 year old funny (hopefully!), kind, genuine, nerd who is looking for someone similar. 🙂 I'm pretty passionate about life and about other people and I'm really just looking to get to know someone else and share some experiences together. I have recently moved to Bury St....


33 / Man / Single / Norwich

Interview time! I mean really - that's what this is all about. Its kinda like going to buy a car, getting a job etc. Check out all the options, see what catches your eye and then go from there. I guess if you have gotten this far, my photos have passed...


25 / Woman / Single / Stockport

William Pope

21 / Man / Single / London

I’m a film maker, it’s my passion and my job. I am an easy going guy. My schedule is fucked as I’m freelance so I’m shit at making plans sometimes, so I like to be very free living, working things out as I go along. Also not afraid to cry...


24 / Manchester


24 / Man / Single / Newcastle upon Tyne

Hi I'm Peter. I enjoy the great outdoors, cycling, music, art, trips to the pub and good food. Looking for new friends and see where it goes. Not a full member so can't send messages but feel free to drop me a message. Kik is pthompson823 but seems often unreliable...


36 / Man / Single / Southampton


28 / Woman / Single / London


52 / Man / Single

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