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Chris Faiola

20 / Man / Single / Niles

Hello, my name is Chris, I am currently 20. I am a 2015 graduate. I work part time in a meat department in a grocery store. I went to a vocational school for my last two years of high school. I am a complete history nerd. I am going to...

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27 / Man / Single

Profile picture of michael

21 / Man / Single / new york

Profile picture of Ali

28 / Man / Single / Milano

Profile picture of Daniel Toye
Daniel Toye

25 / Man / Single / Victoria

Hey what's good? I'm Dan, super social, very active, never mad at anyone, and I wish I was photogenic. My brain is Canadian, voice is English, stomach is Asian, and heart is Indian. DOG PERSON! Stay positive! <3 Kik/Sc: Ozydandius

Profile picture of AJ

26 / Man / Single / Central Florida

I've never used any sort of online matchmaking thing before, and I'm a pretty shy person all things considered, so I'm currently working up the fortitude to actually start contact with people. If you're at all interested in being friends, you're awesome if you message me first! INTP-T, if that's your...

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Hollie Cammack

20 / Man / Married / Eastcombe

Profile picture of Craig

28 / Man / Single / Woverhampton

Im a geek, I have graduated from uni. I consider myself a filmmaker, I would love to live in London and work In TV. I love the winter and the snow. I'm quite artistic, I love anything to do with Science. I'm quite introverted but I like to go to...

Profile picture of Nikki Skowron
Nikki Skowron

20 / Woman / Single / Naperville, Illinois

Since I refuse to pay the $15 to upgrade my account, don't even bother messaging me on here because I will not be able to reply. If you want to chat, just message me on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@nikkiskowron). Additionally, my email is [email protected] There are basically only two things...

Profile picture of Sophie

18 / Woman / Single / Lille

Hi! My name's Sophie, I'm 18 (soon 19) and I'm a biromantic asexual. I like to call myself a "bi-asexual" though. C: I'm an introvert who likes staying at home, I love the rain and the cold weather. I love indie, retro and chillstep music (currently in love with the band...

Profile picture of Stardust

22 / Woman / Single

Things I like: walks in the forest, meditation, volleyball, soccer, the smell of old books, art, watching movies, music, stars, cooking, laughter, good vibes :)

Profile picture of Adam Randall
Adam Randall

24 / Man / Single / Bath

Profile picture of AB

32 / Man / Single / Boston

rsonality Type: ISTJ-a I think in today’s world if you are someone who does not fix his eyeballs on phone screen all the time – then you are different than most. But, that is not the only thing makes me different. I work in enterprise software implementation projects, so I get paid...

Profile picture of Alli

24 / Woman / Single / GreenBay

Profile picture of Gu

56 / Woman / Single / San José

Profile picture of Diana

21 / Woman / Single

I'm currently in school studying kinesiology and nutrition. I love traveling, doing volunteer work abroad, farming (WOOFING), hiking, and vegan food. If any of those things sound fun to you, send me a message! I've taken multiple trips to Mexico, worked and lived on a farm in Costa Rica for a month, and...

Profile picture of Savannah Batten
Savannah Batten

22 / Woman / Single / Adelaide

I'm basically just a 70 year old woman in a poorly tended to 22 year olds body, but with better access to games and Netflix. I've studied art, predominantly drawing, painting and photography. And I'm currently working towards a Bachelor degree in Science, focusing on Biology and Chemistry. I have...

Profile picture of Sam Guerrero
Sam Guerrero

18 / Woman / Single / Dallas

Well, let's see... I am currently a sophomore college student working on eventually becoming a video game developer. I love playing video games (mainly rpgs), writing, watching musicals, reading (mainly classics), traveling (though I haven't done much of it), and hanging out with friends. I'm pretty easy going, a bit...

Profile picture of Makky

32 / Woman

Hello everyone! I would like to meet asexual friends and share my experiences too. I love making friends! I am introvert but always with a good sense of humour. Also I love talking about any topic, specially about culture and music. P.S : I'm not full membership so I can't answer the messages. Please,...

Profile picture of Tiffany Korrigan
Tiffany Korrigan

42 / Woman / Single / Bowling Green

I'm just me. Physically, I am female, but I don't really feel like I completely identify with either gender. I suppose I identify as androgynous and typically dress as such. I'm often times referred to as 'sir in public because of my dress and height. I have a weird mind that...

Profile picture of Elizaveta Limanova
Elizaveta Limanova

28 / Woman / Single / Millburn

Profile picture of Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith

26 / Woman / Single / Overland Park

Well I am a huge movie buff, I am an independent filmmaker, mostly with acting and random crew work (I've done random thing from co-writing and co-producing, to script supervisor and assistant director), and eventually I want to direct as well. Film is my life. The Lord of the Rings...

Profile picture of BillyzdamZT

20 / Woman / Living together / Billyzdam

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