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18 / Woman / Single / Houston

Hi there! I'm Sarah. I'm 18 from (near) Houston, Texas. I'm an English major, and have all the nerdy-ness that comes with it. I'm a bookworm, and love to write as well. I try to be as kind as I can, and tend to care too much too fast. I'm looking...


35 / Woman / Single / Providence

I really dislike talking about myself. Especially like this. But I'll do my best. I think im a gray ace. I'm from New England. Im into spooky stuff. I run a horror/ halloween blog on tumblr and i have a small taxidermy collection. I love good horror movies/books and the supernatural. And yes,...


24 / Woman / Single / Oregon


24 / Woman / Single

Keith Nguyen

18 / Man / Single / Phoenix


20 / Woman / Single


23 / Woman / Single / Toronto


40 / Woman / Single

Soy una mujer demisexual, madura, independiente, profesionista y madre de dos hijos. Soy Química y ambientalista por convicción y profesión. Me gustan los deportes, paseos al aire libre, acampar y disfrutar a mi pequeña familia.   I am demisexual (but I prefer not to have sex), mature, independent, professional and...


56 / Man / Single / denver


23 / Woman / Single

Hi! Talking about myself is just about my least favorite thing in the world, so I'll probably be terrible with this. I'd say I'm a pretty introverted person. I like staying home and reading books or watching a movie. I love comic books/movies and video games, and if I get talking about...

Octavio Sevilla

23 / Man / Single / Guadalajara

I study law , i almost finish my career, i like study reading books about law, medicine , math etc i dont smooke i dont do drugs i dont drink i prefer other things like reading go to the cinema go to park etc I dont have membership you can...


44 / Man / Single / Richmond (CA)

I am an educator living in the East Bay, California. I grew up back East (PA and RI) but now love calling the Bay Area home. I enjoy travel, movies, hiking, reading, vodka martinis and laughter. I'm looking to find a man for a serious romantic relationship that treasures friendship...


34 / Man / Single / Helena



Hi there, I'm Marco. I recently moved to Philly. I'm open to meeting new friends and/or something more. I value the typical good character traits that one might have. I truly enjoy having and building meaningful relationships with friends and a romantic relationship with someone. Some of my hobbies/interests include: Kundalini yoga,...


30 / Woman / Single

instagram: massiosare_tirano  

Christine Brown

30 / Woman / Single / Prince George BC

I've never really done anything like this before. Honestly the closest to something like this I've done would probably be Facebook. I find it amazing and kind of wonderful to realize that I'm not alone in the way I feel about relationships and the whole sexual thing. I always thought it...


18 / Woman / Single / Bristol

Interested in neuroscience, maths & science-fiction. And a couple other things as well, but they have lower priority. INTP. Favourite books/movies/games: • Books: Rifters' Trilogy, Blindsight, Echopraxia, Permutation city, Fight club, Solaris, Eden, Fiasco, Black Oceans, Vurt, Dune, An Anthropologist on Mars, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The man in the...


35 / Man / Divorced / North Carolina

Blue collar salt of the earth type guy. A little old fashioned maybe, i've been called an old soul a few times. I enjoy the simple things in life the most. Stars on a clear night, birds singing in the early morning, the sound of rain in the woods. Im...


23 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia


19 / Woman / Single / Universal City


25 / Woman / Single / Albany

I am a very outgoing and easy to get along with. I am a big planner, but at the same time I can go with the flow. I am new to the concept of asexuality, but after reading up on this, it all makes sense.  I love my job as...

Vanessa Gonzales

34 / Woman / Single / Corona ca

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