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Ellen B.

27 / Woman / Single / Louisville

So, maybe it was a little odd that I didn't date as an adolescent, but plenty of people are late bloomers, right? Well, nothing happened in college, either. I went on a few dates, sure, and there was even one person interested in me who I thought was incredible (he...

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Jessica Reid

32 / Woman / Single / Galway

Canadian designer living in Ireland for several years. When not working or rescuing dogs I'm usually baking or learning martial arts. Feminist, vegetarian, left-of-centre atheist with a fondness for Monty Python and sarcasm.

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33 / Man / Single / Paris

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24 / Man / Single / Angers

Alors faut se décrire, bien, je commence par quoi ? :) Je suis plutôt quelqu’un de nature calme, curieux, plutôt timide dans un premier temps avec les personnes que je connais pas... 'fin je suis introverti en faite pour rien vous cacher ! Ah sinon je me prends pas la tête...

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39 / Man / Single / Toronto

You can reach me at [email protected] Im not a paid subsciber and cant read or send messages on here. I like hanging out with close friends, dinner, drives, walks, hanging out at home, travel. I really like documentaries and anything where you can learn something, slapstick comedy and sci-fi entertainment is great...

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32 / Man / Single / Glasgow

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47 / Man / Single / Beersheba

Profile picture of Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson

26 / Man / Single / Manchester

I’m a 25 year old, Media geek who wants a career in Youth Outreach within a charity organisation. I’m a massive Nintendo nerd, board game player and I love to go for coffee and eat at nice and unique places.  I hope to make people laugh and love seeing things...

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26 / Woman / Single

Profile picture of Thomas B
Thomas B

22 / Man / Single / Brooklyn

I am a Senior at The New School double majoring in media and Writing. Journalism/Editing intern. Part-time student IT supervisor. -Homoromantic Demisexual & INFJ. -I'm a writer and digital storyteller (not as pretentious as it sounds) -Social Justice -A friend once told me that I always look as if I’m daydreaming. She said that...

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26 / Woman / Single / London

Profile picture of Shawn

33 / Man / Single / Yakima

I'm a collector of hobbies, curious about the world about me and love to take long walks in the woods.  Ok, that last bit was a bit cheesy for a dating site but still true.  I'll skip the beach though.  Too much sand.  I love animals, books and learning new...

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20 / Man / Single

Profile picture of Si

26 / Man / Single / Lancashire

Profile picture of Renee

34 / Woman / Single / Conway

I'm originally from Illinois but am currently living in Arkansas. I am looking for a way out! lol I do realize there are not a lot of people from this state on here, which is alright, I don't consider distance being a deal-breaker. I am a huge movie buff, I am...

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22 / Woman / Single

I've lived in the Midwestern USA all of my life. While it can definitely get frigid up here during the winter, I do appreciate being able to see the beauty of all four seasons. I very much enjoy learning about a variety of topics, from parasitology to Greek mythology. Since learning...

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23 / Man / Single / Barrie

Profile picture of Vanina

40 / Woman / Single / Lima

I am an extroverted, funny, organized, empathetic, animal lover, easy going girl.  I like to read, listen to different types of music, travel if there is a chance, meet new people and sometimes just be by myself. I am studying a  second career, Psychology,  which i find interesting and enjoyable. I am...

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28 / Man / Single / grimsby

I am basically looking for a relationship without sex with another asexual person. Being asexual can be a very lonely and isolating feeling and I would love to be able to find somebody that is the same as me. I Recently moved to brighton last year (2014) and work as...

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24 / Woman / Single / Brighton

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Lyn Bowden

23 / Woman / Single / Tampa

Hi! I'm Lyn. Dylan is actually my name, but I prefer to go by Lyn and have been since I was a freshman in high school. I'm currently a community college student, who's uncertain of what she wants to do, but I do have an interest of being a writer....

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