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    Hi everyone! This is going to be a bit weird, so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

    I’ll be frank: the best kind of partner I could imagine is a chess-player nerd bookworm with a deep artistic perspective and who can pull out some crazy move without any reason, who likes talking and thinking deep and loves to travel. The best part of these traits is that they don’t even interact with each other, so a friend of mine once told me that what I’m looking for is actually not a partner, but a surrealist painting; after doing a bit of research, however, I discovered that surrealist paintings aren’t actually that much of a partner, as they always refuse to share the bills and you can’t really put up a good conversation with them. Also, in many countries it appears to be illegal to kiss a painting exposed in a museum, so I guess I’m stuck with humans as for this moment.

    As for now I’m looking for someone who’s either academic-minded, to exchange random JSTOR articles about our favourite theories, or artsy and creative, to make a narrative out of life. I’d also appreciate someone who’s politically concerned: this world ain’t gonna save itself – we have to help him a bit – and I’d like to find a partner who actually does something about it, or at least who supports others’ fights.

    If you think meeting sites never work and you can’t make up any good excuse to ”date” a random stranger on the net, well congratz! We are in the same car. Sadly, given the statistics, it is more likely to french-kiss a male deer in the first day of lunar New Year than to meet an asexual peer, so here we are. Also, it took me a whole day to put up some ideas for a bio and it probably took you some time to read it as well, so I guess we both had our experiences with male deer on lunar New Year and we’re now looking for a bit more exotic adventure: asexuals. If you think we can match, even if it’s only for being friends, just send me a friendship request here or write me an e-mail to

    Also, please don’t go like ”Oh this guy hasn’t been active in years, would be weird to write him now”. I’m not gonna use this site frequently, except for an update from time to time, so I won’t be really active, but I’ll be glad to answer you nonetheless!

    About me

    Be prepared, for this is gonna be a long list of ”I” followed by some short, dull sentences filled with some boring imitation of wit. What, you still want to go on reading? Well, once again, don’t say I didn’t warn you then
    I love philosophy, reading, writing, traveling and learning new languages. I was born in France and spent most of my life in Italy, with the exception of a couple years in China; nevertheless, my heart and mind are always abroad, and I keep longing for new things to discover.

    Now, when you take such a stance in exploring the world, you often fell in those little trickery mysteries called ”books”: that is exactly what happened to me. Alas, the uncountable hours of my youth spent dreaming upon a few inches of paper! And yet, give me a book I haven’t read yet, and you’ll see me piling dust on my head until I’ve finished it all: such is the fate of nerds.

    Once you take that into account, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m rather introvert. And I love it, to be honest. I’ve learned to use irony (and wine) as my main ”social weapons”, but I still enjoy being alone (and sober) most of my time; with that said, sometimes it only takes a couple of good friends to warm a man’s heart – as long as nobody is gonna do small talks.

    As far as hobbies go I’m afraid to say I’m a bit mono-thematic (INT-J detected): once I engage myself with a topic I try to understand it to its fullest, so you won’t see me spacing out of it a lot. For instance, I do know that movies and TV series can be awesome, lots of them most certainly are awesome indeed, and yet you’ll hardly see me picking a film rather than a book. I mean, why shall I go for Black Mirror when I haven’t even read the whole of Philip K. Dick yet?

    I also like spooky, creepy and weird things – E. A. Poe being on top of it – and I usually prefer to hang out with weirdos, since weirdos are always the best. Oh, and I’m planning to major in East Asian Art (traditional one, not anime or manga, sorry weebos) so I can tell you at least two cosmogonic interpretations of Chinese calligraphy. Philosophy has been one of my major interest too, so hit me up with that deconstructivist critic of Wittgenstein, I know you’ve got one.

    That being said, I enjoy discussing about everything with anyone – well, except small talks. Random stranger in bars, in particular, always seem so passionate in defending their ideas that I’d honestly never give up on discussing with them when I’m a bit tipsy: I find going out of my context amazingly useful for challenging my own ideas, and the fact that we’ll both forget each other’s face after a good sleep somehow casts a kind of ephemeral light upon the whole thing.

    On a more practical note, I tend not to be immediately available when it comes to texting and calling. I’ve had a gf who used insist that we should talk at least an hour a day everyday, and honestly that had put a lot of stress on me.

    Dulcis in fundo: I believe in an equal society, and that we all should struggle to achieve it. I also tend to trust single individuals more than governments and public institutions, as I don’t think power and authority exist out of aggressive possession and suppression. In short, fuck the patriarchy.

    Cheers to you all,

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