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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Looking for friendships first.  Open to more than that, but cannot get there without it.

    About me

    Fun loving, active guy, originally from Portland, Oregon.  Outgoing and like to make new friends.  Having a good outlook on life and always seeing the good in others has proven me well in making lasting friendships and relationships.  I have lived in the Salt Lake City area for the last 18 years, with small stints in Atlanta, Georgia and Boise, Idaho.  I currently work for the genealogical company, Ancestry, based here in Utah.

    *Updated June 2018.  No longer believe that I am greysexual.  Maybe 1% of me is.  Probably best to just say I’m homoromantic asexual.

    Like many other profiles I have read, I thought I was alone in being non-sexually minded.  I came out in 1998 and lived a somewhat normal gay life.  Hookups and dating were the fare and ultimately left me unsatisfied.  Only recently have I discovered my more specific orientation and have been a better man for understanding it.

    As stated above, looking for friendships and ultimately, a relationship.  Figuring out how that will work, without the sex component, is a new concept for me, but one I am eagerly pursuing.  Dating to me is the prelude to courtship and marriage, which is something I still very much want in my life.

    I try to be as well rounded as I can.  With that, among my varied interests, I enjoy architecture, hiking, mountain/road biking, camping, day road trips, music, dancing, volunteering, and my personal favorite: working out at the gym.  I hit the gym 4x a week, mostly weightlifting and avoiding cardio at all costs, lol.  I anticipate taking up swimming lessons here in July.  I prefer outdoor activities to staying at home, however a good binge night of Prime or Netflix is a great way to spend the evening as well.

    I am active in the ex-Mormon meetup group here in Salt Lake City.  Have met a number of asexuals and demisexuals through that social group.  I started up an asexual meetup social group on, Utah Asexuals.  If you are in the area or plan to visit, sign up and come to an activity:

    I have set aside religion for the time being.  A former Mormon, I still believe in a higher power, however, I have not resolved myself to figure out how to define that.

    Listed below are a variety of ways to get a hold of me, or you can just message me on here:


    IG: TristUtah


    Scruff: Trist – Salt Lake City

    kik: Tributestar


    Utah Asexuals Meetup Group:


    Hablo español.


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