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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I am looking for a person who is generally kind and frank. A person who is willing to love. A person who accepts others fully. A person who can put behind them the bad experiences, and remember just the good. A respectful person.

    I want my love to tell me what they think straight to my face. I want my love be there for me and push me to be my best, but also pull back if I ask them to. I want my love to be open to all of my quirks and to not freak out when I tell them I am an Ace, or when I tell them I have lots of baggage.

    Unfazed, that is a good quality in my estimate. Able to let anything slide as long as the core is still good. Calm, and able to be of clear mind, even when they are emotional, if that is possible.

    I would like to have someone who likes to talk with me, to share. Perhaps someone with artistic inclinations, composing poetry or playing music, or anything else about the arts. Perhaps someone who likes to think, to debate and create philosophic discussion. Perhaps.

    However, if you are interested in me, please do contact me, I would rather be exposed to more people, which means more friends. Besides, I am rather flexible. These are not requirements, just some kind of hypothetical wish list.

    About me

    I am a nice person, I believe. I talk a bit too much, but if you want me to listen, I would happily oblige. Fascinated with Humans and how their mind works – as I so frequently misunderstand people who are not perfectly straight and clear about what they want to say. Hints are many times beyond me, although I try to put effort to decoding everything that is under the surface, many times even after the interaction is done.

    I love the arts, and am open to almost anything – whether if watching Horror movies, which I generally dislike, listening to a type of music which is really not my cup of tea, or looking at postmodern artwork, which I have developed resent to, for most works I have seen were created with nothing in mind, just to prove that anything can become art. Theatre is great and wonderful as well, by the way!

    I love philosophy, but will rarely initiate philosophical discussion. Debate is no less interesting to me.

    I had many strangers tell me that I am an old soul and/or a lovely human being. Not exactly sure why, but I find it slightly disturbing.

    I once had someone tell me that I am a beautiful person – I am extremely skeptical.

    There is much to know about me, and you should probably ask. If any of my answers make you curious, you are free to ask for an explanation.

    I also encourage you to be open minded when talking to me, the same way I always try to be open to others.

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    Tal Spek




    Kfar Saba

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    Middle Eastern


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