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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    A cuddle buddy for the most part. Someone kind, clever and funny. Humour is a must to me, I think laughing is so important. I myself am very crude and dark.

    Someone with at least a vague idea of where they want to head in life. Income and employment and living situation for the most part, doesn’t matter to me. Education isn’t important either.

    Someone I can’t stop looking at because inside and out, I am fascinated by you.

    Someone who doesn’t want to have sex, but is willing to try out messing around with kinks (no toys or anything) and roleplaying.

    Someone to share music and other media with, someone who holds works of art in such high regard that they would use it to describe a slice of themselves unspoken.

    Someone who will hold me and protect me, as I will protect you.

    Someone with an understanding of mental disabilities as well as physical.

    About me

    My name is Isla.

    I am asexual, interested in all genders, and indulge in typed-out kink roleplay online(about the height of how ‘sexual’ I get at the moment)

    My hobbies include: Drawing, cutting open dead things, laughing, watching movies and shows, canoeing, sewing, shopping, teddy bears.

    I live alone with my cockatiel Abraham, my puppy, Theodora and my goldfish Morph. I’m unemployed and on benefits, have autism as well as a few other neurological problems and want to work in funeralcare someday. I draw fetish artwork on the side for a couple of quid because it sells. I’m a furry.

    My ideal is someone big to wrap their arms around me, soft (weight wise) and masculine, kinky but not interested in sex and familiar with the online furry community and kink community.

    Please note I am very to the point. I don’t like cheesy romance and I can be vulgar and spew whatever is on my mind. I don’t play games and I’m not looking for a vanilla romance or anything!

    Please note I suffer from social anxiety. I am mostly active in the Kik group advertised on this website. I feel safe in a group chat than I do in DMs, but if we take interest in eachother there it’d be nice to talk privately. I’m more likely to show interest in those who have completed their profiles, so they’re not an utter stranger!

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    Art, Collecting, Cooking / Baking, Martial arts, Music, Nature, Sport, Traveling, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Writing, Yoga, Meditation

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