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About me
  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    A nice smile and a good laugh.
    Active lifestyle, not necessarily athletic
    Great sense of humor, adventurous, curious

    Likes some of these: dogs, baseball, festivals/fairs, hiking, camping, roller coasters/rides, reading, traveling/flying, snorkeling, canoeing/boating, couch potatoing, musicals

    Geek references: firefly, marvel>DC, Dr. Who, star wars, star trek, 90s anime, Hitchhiker’s guide, harry potter, Disney, D&D


    About me


    I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and a few video games. I’m addicted to tumblr. I’m pretty up to date with nerd culture, and I really enjoy it. I also love the typical girly things like pretty clothes and nice house things.

    I ADORE adventure. Jumping off cliffs, crawling through caves, snorkeling with sharks, and catching wild animals are all tons of fun for me!I’m not some shy little girl that is too afraid to speak up for herself. I am vicious and will fight back against people who try to hold me down with outdated expectations.If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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    United States


    Oklahoma City

    I am a


    Looking for a


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    None / Agnostic


    Animals and Pets, Art, Food & Wine, Going out with friends, Nature, Reading, Traveling, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Writing

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A group for anime and manga fans as well as Dr. WHo, Sherlock, Walking Dead, Homestuck, etc fans. Come in, say hi!

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Do you really need more informations ? 😉
A group to display your love of cuddles -especially those in bed.

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This is the place for you to join and know that you’re not alone!

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