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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I’m looking for someone with whom I can feel a deep connection. Someone who shares my interests and hobbies and wants to build something meaningful. ^^
    I don’t care for distance, but obviously we must have the possibility to meet soon or late.

    Friends from everywhere are very welcomed as well! πŸ˜€

    About me

    I’m a freelance author and translator from Italy.

    I speak Italian, English and Japanese.

    I’m a huge nerd: I love videogames, LARPs, fantasy, sci-fi and so on. If you can’t handle so much geekiness don’t contact me. XD Seriously, if we have nothing in common and/or you think all of this is stupid, simply avoid writing me: I’m tired of people vanishing after finding out that – yes, I’m really a nerd. XD

    I love TV series and horror movies too.

    I like unique and original fashion styles.

    You can contact at my e-mail adress:

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