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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Someone kind with a good sense of humor with whom share a beer here and there while talking for hours about the serious and stupid things of life. Someone with whom travel the world , geek up about movies, podcasts, books (maybe even comics) and share ( or at least who could appreciate) my love for science.


    About me

    My name is Lorena, I am original from Spain but I´ve been living in US for a while now. I studied Biology and work in research since I graduated. I am fascinated by Science, by all that invisible universe hidden behind every thought, move, emotion, reaction…

    As a good Spaniard, not conversational topic is out limits; ”overnalaysis” might be the common denominator.

    Books, comic books, podcast, movies: there are never too many. I can really geek up if the oportunity is given. I enjoy videogames as well, but I am afraid I am not too good at them.

    Traveling is one of my passions, get to know a new place, the people, the culture and try to imagine how it would be to carry a life there. The experiences I´ve had and the people I´ve met abroad have -most certainly- shaped who I am now. It is probably one of the most enriching experiences there are.

    I identify as demiromantic asexual, although I am still figuring some things out. In any case, anyone is welcome to contact me, most of all if chatty and opinionated are part of your vocabulary. Friendship is among the most important things in my life; I am looking forward to make some new ones in this community.


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    Food & Wine, Going out with friends, Reading, Traveling, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Writing

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