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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Someone who likes being outdoors and indoors equally. Have a sense of humor, because I can be silly sometimes. Be kind, honest, and a bit of a neat freak because I can’t stand messiness. Be ok with me taking photos of random stuff all the time. Likes learning about different cultures and traveling because that’s a part of me.

    About me

    I’m an introvert (that sometimes tries to act extroverted) and shy though I open up more as I get to know someone. I can be awkward and a little weird sometimes. I’m heteromantic (maybe gray-a/dem, I think, still kinda figuring out where I fall).

    I like to read (mostly fiction), watch shows (I recently joined Netflix), and listen to music (pretty much everything except most rap and country). I like to be outside on beautiful days, walking, hiking or biking (casually). I love photography (my Nikon is my precious) and writing (fiction, fan-fiction, essays, research papers, news articles, basically anything).

    I hate the summer because I can’t stand anything above 80F. I drive fast and like to sometimes blast the music in my car (Evanescence is always good).

    I’m a nerd and loved school and learning and wish I could’ve stayed there forever sometimes. Maybe I’ll go back and get my PhD and become a professor.

    I’ve traveled and lived in several different places so I love learning about different cultures and going on adventures.

    I finally broke down and got membership so PM if you want to chat about life or you can say hi on my Instagram: litad212.





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    Going out with friends, Listeing to Music, Nature, Reading, Traveling, Watching Movies, Writing

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