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    I am looking for a long term relationship but I believe a solid relationship begins with a solid friendship. So feel free to friend me even if you just want to chat. I am looking someone who shares my passions and interests. Someone to travel the world with and someone to sometimes just sit on the couch with me and watch movies. I would like someone funny and who knows how to have a good time even when things get tough.

    About me

    I never know how to describe myself but here goes. Don’t be afraid to ask if I have left anything out.
    I believe I fall under the gray asexual umbrella.
    I can be shy at first but come out of my shell as I get to know you. I think my friends would describe me as funny and kinda crazy in a good way.
    I love music though sadly have yet to master any instruments. Used to play the piano and have hopes to learn again. Also would love to learn guitar. I am more of a music listener right now. I enjoy music of most genres though my love of rock is strongest. I love classic rock to indie rock to modern rock. I love pretty much anything 80’s and sadly yes I will admit to my love of many 90’s songs as well. Not big on country but not opposed to it. I just cannot seem to enjoy classical though. Nothing against it, just not for me.
    I try to keep active but also can be a homebody and enjoy watching movies or playing board games. I have the xbox with kinect which is a lot of fun too. I am very passionate about my outrigger paddling. Paddling always rejuvenates me, I can have the worst day but it picks me right back up. I started as a dragonboat paddler and then discovered the magic of outrigger canoe. Recently I got to travel to Hawaii where it began and learned so much history from local paddlers. It has only increased my love of it. I do enjoy many other activities, especially water related. I would like to get out doing more though the weather here doesn’t always agree.
    I love animals, especially dogs. I don’t have a pet right now but do hope to have at least one dog some day.
    Not sure what else to say right now but will add as it comes to me.

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    Animals and Pets, Going out with friends, Listeing to Music, Music, Nature, Sport, Traveling, Watching Movies


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