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    Someone who cares more about people than things.  Who doesn’t need a designers name on their purse to be happy.  Someone who would rather adopt an orphan or unwanted child rather than create more humans on a planet with nearly 8 billion of them.  Someone who is even tempered and kind.  Someone who, when she’s had a bad day, is not mean and nasty, but rather, needs a hug or a shoulder.  Someone who likes to try new things, new restaurants, go to new places.  Someone who sometimes likes to just cozy up on the sofa for movie night, fire in the fireplace.  And lastly, someone who does not judge me for believing that there is no creator or higher power.  Please just be like David Puddy in Seinfeld with the attitude ”what do I care, I’m not the one who’s going to hell” LOL   That means I can do well with both atheists and (some)people of faith. Oh, and someone who realizes that until I join the only way to reach me is to email me or put your email in your profile. : )

    About me

    I’m not a paid member yet. Thinking maybe after covid.  But my gmail is househunt35@gmail.com(write and say hello) and my WhatsApp is right there in my profile heading.  Also downloaded kik (mike22032).  Also, going on a coast to coast and back road trip from 29 August to 16 September so if you’d like to have lunch or dinner get in touch and I’ll send you my itinerary, which is very detailed.

    I am retired.  A former federal employee who has worked in approximately 40 countries, yet I’ve not even been to that many states in my own country.  I like to go on road trip adventures when time permits.  I like movie nights at home, going out to restaurants, finding and making a new recipe.  I volunteer with Food For Others, picking up food at the warehouse and distributing with my teammate(we had 5 but over 65 can’t volunteer now because of the pandemic) to the two neighborhoods we handle.

    Actually I should say I’m SEMI retired as I am self employed renting spaces to university students.  I like Fairfax, VA very much but I am not tied down and there are many countries I would consider moving too.  But since I would like to adopt children, this would certainly be a good place to do it with practically zero crime and excellent public schools close to home.


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    Cooking / Baking, Food & Wine, Going out with friends, Listeing to Music, Nature, Social work, Sport, Traveling, Watching Movies

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