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    I’d like someone who is passionate, someone who can go on and on about something they love- games, books, history, anything! Then we can both exchange our passions and stories to each other, and as we are talking, we might lose track of the time cause we just get so into our conversation (that probably got way off the original topic) and realize that two hours has passed.

    I also would need someone who is patient. I can be a bit slow at times and this is also my first time doing this kind of thing. I’m a bit shy and might take time for me to warm up. Once I warm up to you, I would love to be cuddling on the couch, either watching Netflix or YouTube or playing some video games.

    About me

    Hi! I am a nerd who loves animals and art! My main focus is sewing! I make costumes and cosplay, all self taught. I’ve been trying to learn how to make props too! I also dabble a bit in creative writing- I used to write a script for a comic, but my job took up too much of my time.

    And where do I get my inspiration, you might ask (though, you probably didn’t)? Video games! My nerd thing is video games. Sometimes I watch anime or some other TV (Netflix) show, but most of my down time consists of me sitting on the couch with a game controller in my hands. That’s right, I’m a console gamer, and I honestly wish I could play PC (faster loads, better graphics) but I could never get into it for some reason.

    And lastly what do I do for a living? Well I do what I love: I work with animals! I knew ever since highschool what my passion was, so I knew that I wanted to work in the field of animals. When i got my job at the groomer’s, I was ecstatic!

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    Art, Cooking / Baking, Going out with friends, Nature, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Writing

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